Thursday, December 24, 2009

A kind gesture for Christmas.

So Kat has written another letter to Ellen Degeneres so I felt it was my nature to do something nice for her.  I decided to go to the Ellen show's website and write a letter.  I'm sure I'm not the first (*ahem* Kat) but I think some more nudging could help the situation.  My letter was as follows:

So I have a favorite blogger that on occasion.  Her name is Mama Kat and she writes Ellen letters on her blog alll the time.  She has been hoping for a show about mommy bloggers, such as myself(but she's your number one fan, I am more of a daytime soap watcher!haha).  I would love for you to check out her newest blog:

I am sure I'm not the first nor the last to tell you about Kat, she is amazing!

So Kat, this is my gift to you.  I wish you good luck!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Moved blog

So I couldn't figure out why when I went to my blog it would load up and then it would turn white.  I'm assuming all the extra crap I have on it.  I went and made fresh but I wanted my old template back and I'm a dummy who didn't save it.  If you can come up with a great template for me I may send you a fantastic prize for it!  E-mail me with your creativity!

Monday, November 23, 2009

MM Shinedown-If you only knew

I have a hot/cold relationship right now with soldier boy but I think this song fits for us. When we first got married I couldn't sleep without him so I had lots of sleepless nights due to him being in the field 99% of the time. I found this video and I'm glad because it has 2 sexy men in it...I miss Moonlight but thankfully I can buy it on DVD and Rob Pattinson...yeah...tasty vampires!

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Avon lady calling! Errr....or not?

Since moving I have lost my best customers in Alaska! I am sad! Now its on to look for new blood customers.

P.S. I give out free shipping!

Click here pleeeeaaaseee???

Sunday, November 22, 2009

work, work, and oh yeah, work

So I've been working my bootay off, I can't complain since its awesome money, but its so exhausting! My parents have been watching the kids but I don't hardly get to spend time with them before when I was a stay at home mom. I'm still waiting to get them into CDC but since everyone thinks they have to have like a million kids, they are still on the waiting list another friggen 30-60 days. I swear 90 percent of women on this damn post are pregnant! Anywho, Thanksgiving is only 4 days then its Christmas time! Can we say this year has gone by way too fast??

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


So last week was a very sad week for us. We lost 13 soldiers to one of our own. Why? Noone knows. I made it justintime to leave the gate last Thursday before they closed it down and came home to like a hundred phone calls with me bewildered to the fact that anything happened. I am so thankful for concerned friends and family and saddened for the ones who lost theirs.

I took this pic today and there are still news people in front!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

So my sis and I took the kids trick or treating last night and they had a blast! They filled up one and a half buckets (the plastic pumpkins you get for .80 cents). Wonder how long the candy will last?

Saturday, October 31, 2009

I was awarded! (Again!)

My friend Amy sent me this award because she loves me! :)

Here are the rules of this award:
1. You can only use ONE word!!!
2. Pass this along to 5 of your favorite bloggers!
3. Alert them that you have given them this award!
4. HAVE FUN!!!
These are pretty hard to answer with only one word, but I did my best! Hopefully you understand them!
1. Where is your cell phone? table
2. Your hair? ponytail
3. Your mother? crazy
4. Your father? strong
5. Your fave food? pizza
6. Your dream last night? weird
7. Your fave drink? frappacinos
8. Your dream/goal? happy
9. What room are you in? livingroom
10. Your hobby? Scrapbooking :-)
11. Your fear? clowns
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? work
13. Where you were last night? home
14. Something that you aren't? rude
15. Muffins? Banana
16. Wish List Item? foodprocessor
17. Where did you grow up? everywhere
18. Last thing you did? e-mail
19. What are you wearing? PJ's
20. Your TV? ghosthunters
21. Your Pets? cat
22. Friends? Amazing
23. Your Life? Great
24. Your Mood? weird
25. Missing Someone? Husband
26. Vehicle? Explorer
27. Something your not wearing? make-up
28. Your fave store? Old Navy
29. Your fave color? green
30. Last time you laughed? Earlier
31. Last time you cried? days
32. Your best friend? Sister
33. One place that I go to over and over? Salado
34. One person who emails regularly? Tara
35. Fave place to eat? Applebees
It truly is hard to pick just 5 fellow scrapbook bloggers to pass this award on to, but I had to choose only 5 :-( These are blogs that I always find myself frequently visiting!
Ashley-She is an inspiration!
Meg-I love her craftiness
Leigh-Ann-She is awesome
Mommawannabe-Her struggles to get pregnant have been rough..I pray for her!
Nanny Goats in Panties-She cracks me up!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My little man

my dad, little man, Joe

Although little man is only 4 sometimes I think he is much older. He is a combination of my dad, my cousin Joe, and my husband which, if you knew any of them you'd be scared too. He is such an amazing little boy and so damn smart if you ask me!

Some randomness of little man:

"Mom wipe my boot(butt)" (after he poops in the potty)

"Where are my cars?"

"Where is (insert a family member that we live with even if they are in the room)?"

"Can I have a rice christmas tree?" (rice krispy treat)

"I don't like that Happyween store"(He calls Halloween, "Happyween")

I decided to write a random post about my favorite little man because he makes me so happy and so mad all wrapped into one. He says the most craziest things and does the strangest things that you can't help but love him for it.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Mommy blogger movie!

I saw this on Momma Kat's blog and the trailer looks awesome! I love that Uma Thurman looks "normal" then she usually does! Unfortunately the movie isn't going to be in my area yet but I'm hoping that it will get enough popularity to show everywhere (like *ahem* Paranormal Activity which I am itching to go see!)

Paranormal Activity trailer:

Where has my life gone?

I seriously think I'm losing my mind.


Since my son has turned the age of 4 my days go like this:

Little Man: Mom! Sissy hit me!
Me: I'm sorry, Lila, tell your brother you are sorry!
Lila: Sorry bwother

LM: Mom!
Me: (trying to concentrate on something or doing something that needs to be done so I tune him out)
Me: (continuing)
Me: Whaaaattt?
LM: Sissy is getting into (insert something that a child gets into all the time)
Me: ARG!

LM: Mom, where are we going?
Me: Gotta pick up aunt Manda
LM: Why?
Me: Because she just got off of work
LM: Why?
Me: Because she did.
LM: What kind of work?
Me: Seriously what happened to my life?

I need a job.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

MM-Gloriana, Wild at Heart

I LOVE this song ever since I went home to IL to visit the family. The words and tune is really catchy and so lovey-dovey! Check it out! (Its also my ringtone!)

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ok, so I'm not so tech-savvy, sue me!

So I had my Blackberry storm for a grand total of 19 days and I liked it...somewhat. I liked the phone but Verizon was going to charge me too darn much each month just to have it and with no military discount...shame on them! So I went crawling back to AT&T and got myself the Iphone. I didn't get the big fancy one, just the 8GB one but thats okay because once I finally get a job I'm going to upgrade!

What I didn't like about my BB Storm? Well, I had to basically push it twice sometimes. I had to select what I wanted and push it again. I am impatient, when I want something done I want it done NOW! I also couldn't figure out how to stop the damn thing from going off each time I had an e-mail or a facebook alert..I guess this is why I gave up wanting to be a computer programmer...

Oh well.

But my Iphone DOES have an app for Starbucks! weeee!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

What to do, what to do?

I have been looking for things to do for the kids each day since I don't have a job nor extra income to put them in day care to socialize with other kids. I hate leaving them in front of the television while I'm online constantly looking for jobs. I have done some searching online for activities but I feel like its not enough like I should be teaching them more. I guess my search still continues!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wii Active update! Weee!

Wii Active has an expansion that has more workouts! I am so super-psyched! I can't wait for it to come out! Due to being broke off my butt I will have to wait for it. I did get done with the 30 day challenge...ahem...3 months after I started but I do have a good excuse thankyouverymuch!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Writer's Workshop

I haven't done Mama Kat's workshop in awhile due to drastic changes in my life(read past posts) so I decided to do this week. I chose the first one well, because of this and this

Yes, I want to go to England!

I know I should have went when I lived in Germany for almost 3 years but I never got a chance to!


Now that I know that Valium works for me when I flew from Alaska to Texas I am going to try and make a trip...*ahem* well when I'm not so broke I mean.
*Note: I did see the London Bridge located in Arizona, that was pretty cool!

I love new fall shows!

So when September comes towards an end I get super-excited because...


Okay, I know, getting excited over some shows is lame but hey, I'm a stay at home mom with no life right now!

I got to watch my premiers of The Office, Biggest Loser, Big Bang Theory, and now I have a new fave show called "Modern Family" on ABC. (I just realized I have not watched any shows on ABC since Home Improvement!)

Can we say "freaking hilarious??"

Its about a middle-aged guy played by Ed O'Neill (He was Al Bundy on Married with Children) and he had been married for 6 months to this beautiful Latina woman who gets mistakened for his daughter. She has a son from a previous marriage who is 11.

He has 2 grown children, Claire and Mitchell, and they are just as insane as he is! Claire is married with 3 children and Mitchell is gay and adopted a baby girl from Vietnam with his live-in boyfriend.

If you want to catch the previews go here

Addict maybe?

Ever since my sister gave me one of her ColgateWisps I was hooked! These little brushes of freshness are amazing! I love how it gave me fresh breath and the little freshness balls in the center are just fabulous! I suggest anyone who needs some fresh breath in the middle of the day to pick up these things, they come in 4 to a pack so you can have yummy breath anytime!

What a pain!

So I moved here to Texas from Alaska to pursue an education and had no idea what I got myself into. After forgetting to turn in my spouse *MyCAA form I just decided to find a job...what a freaking hassle! So I'm still job hunting AND still looking for a used reliable vehicle so I don't have to use my mom's Prius.

*If you are a military spouse AND need free money for college, take advantage of it...6 grand!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye, we already know you are a douche

So please stop trying to keep reminding us! Your behavior at the VMA's was as classy as your "Bush hates black people" remark. You are an idiot and I think you and your fans should go find your own island and live there so you can be their king and keep away from us senile folk.

Now, we'll go back to our regularly (non-Kanye) scheduled blog.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Don't worry "Household 6" will come to the rescue!

So my sister asked me the other day what "household 6" meant. I had heard it before but really didn't know the exact definition of it, I knew it was something relevant to an army wife.

According to Urban dictionary:

A military man's stay at home wife basically. Here is the entire definition. (It wouldn't let me copy and paste for some reason.)

It really boils down to this: We are the commander of the household and we are in charge of making sure everything gets done...believe it or not, the military wife is the hardest job in the world. I almost punched out overhearing a soldier say that a military spouse is not that big of a job, or the hardest...obviously he never had to do anything but go to work.

*Editors note* Okay, it isn't the hardest job per se but it is pretty difficult to say the least!

Friday, September 4, 2009

My new best friend..err...I mean blogger

I seriously think I'm in lust love with this blogger. I only read one post and I'm in awe of her wittiness(is that even a word?). I think everyone should read and soak in her awesomeness. Don't get me wrong, I have come across some awesomeness but I think her blog takes the cake. Check it out:

Soak in it, bathe in it.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The new pay per post

I have to write a random sentence to claim my blog.

A nameless razor fusses.

I don't know why this razor who has no name fusses but maybe it does because he may have to shave in places that he does not like and wants to remain nameless.

Anyway. Payperpost is awesome!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Goodbye Alaska!

So I'm moving! Moving away from sunny nights in the summer and dark and dreary days in the winter...moving to hot, and hot, and oh yeah, hot in sunny Texas! But at least I will be able to visit other states whenever I want! I will probably be MIA in my blogs but keep dropping on my entrecard and I'll get ya back when I can!

Goodbye Alaska and Hello Texas!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Amazing, just amazing!

So I have been non-stop on Wii Active. It says that I should rest after 2 days of working out but I'm so addicted I can't stop! My addiction to it has paid off since losing 13 lbs! I gained some when I skipped days so I stopped listening to it giving me crap about taking a rest day. I am feeling great and I can fit into a couple of my old jeans! If you need a great workout try this game, it really does pay off!

My cravings are coming back!

So after I posted this while drooling I stopped over at Mama Kat's to see what her workshop was and YEAY, one of them is about "what are you giddy about" Well, already got the post thankyoumuch!

No, not for food(since losing weight from Wii Active)


British men!!!!

I had a post on here awhile back about it and my favorite blogger who doesn't blog anymore posted a comment about it...well, mainly because he's British and doesn't understand my infatuation love for them. I also have a post about my favorite British comedies!

As I was doing my googling I came across this story about British men being "among least romantic"...I could care less, they could recite the alphabet and I'd still be in love.

Who are my faves you wanna know? (My first love is in the first link above)

Colin Firth

Now if you don't know who this piece of sexiness is you have been living under a rock the past 3 years:

Daniel Craig:

Daniel Radcliffe:
Shall I go on or are you done drooling? hehe

Friday, July 17, 2009

Where have you been all my life?

Special K Chocolatey Delight! This stuff is so good and good to your waistline! I love eating it dry and picking out the little chocolate pieces...delish! I eat it after the kids go to bed because this is one treat that momma refuses to share! If you like chocolate and are on a diet, go pick yourself up a box, totally worth it!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I am a proud Faghag

My BFF Luke even gave me a certificate...but of course I have no clue where I put it or I would post it on here.

I love gay men and you wanna know why?

Convo between Luke and I:

Luke: Honey, you are not going out like that!
Me: Why not?
Luke: Those pants do NOT go with that top thats why
Me: Fine, pick me something out that I will look hot in
Luke: Girlfriend, you need Jesus.

This man is my world. He flew miles and miles to Alaska to come see me for a week and I cherished every minute of it. What was so funny is that we went to the gay bar called Mad Myrna's and a couple of guys asked us if we were married...I said "Um no, I don't have the right equipment". They didn't believe he was gay!

Yes, we were so trashed from the gay bar it wasn't even funny:

Birthday cakes to soldiers overseas

So Bake Me A Wish is donating 5% to their "Bake Me A Wish!'s Operation: Birthday Cake each time you order from them. If your soldier is overseas and his/her birthday is approaching and you want to order one for them, they will automatically send one to another soldier also! How great is this program!?!

This is their cake of the month:

Wouldn't your loved ones love this!

I admit I am a dork

And I adore him:

Woo-ing Wednesday

I know most of us SHOULD post our husband's picture for "who woos you" but hey, this is fantasy right? I have a few guys who woo me on my TV on a daily basis.

My show that I watch every day is The Young and the Restless. How I love the drama and the backstabbing! I really love watching him:

and oh yeah him:

There are a few more but these guys are my faves.

Who Woos you?

I prayed today

My friend Janel lost her unborn baby boy today. She was 20 weeks pregnant. If you are a believer please pray for her, she really needs it!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Cats: They will rule the world

So the hot story on yahoo right now is about cats. Now, I'm a cat person, I think they are the most amazing creatures on the planet. My cat thinks she is a human and she knows what she wants and how to get it...much like women!

The story goes on to say that cats do control humans which I find ridiculously true. Dogs don't have the power that cats do because cats are pretty independent and rely on you only if they are not fed, watered, or have a clean litter box...other than that you are worthless to them. They don't want your attention 24/7 but when they do you better give it to them!

Gracie owns me and I'm happy to be hers!

How in the world could you mess up THAT?!?

So the other day I was finding the recipe that Ashley posted awhile back of cookies made from boxed cake mix. Having chocolate on the brain (and the Aunt visiting) I was like "mmm that sounds good" so off to the commissary I go. I don't even look at the cake mix...*see chocolate mode* but go straight to the fudge brownies. I do the recipe like it says nix cake mix and it doesn't look like cookie batter but brownie batter...what the hell...I'll just have brownies with a strange texture in the end.

I'm seriously having issues these days.

My little ladybug

So I'm a little late blogging about ladybug's birthday but I've been obsessed with Farkle on Facebook busy. I can't believe she is already 2..time has certainly gone by fast!

Here is my baby girlEven a moose came to the party:

From cold to extreme hotness

So the stay in Alaska was eh, okay, but I'm so glad the tour is almost over! I have dreamed of this time before we even got here! I made friends, lost some, and had a grand 'ol time but now its time to move on...

Next stop....

Saturday, June 27, 2009

SILENCE! I keel you!

So last night soldier boy and I went to see Jeff Dunham. He was amazing! Guitar guy was on first and did some comedy and he was awesome! He's pretty good looking for someone who is in his 50's(but Jeff is pretty cute too!)! His son is the lead guitarist for Avenge Sevenfold. Here are some pics!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My baby girl!

My sweet girl is going to be 2 on the 2nd of July...I can't believe it! Its just like yesterday she was born! Time flies by so fast! Happy birthday sweetie I love you!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Edward Cullen stole my heart and drained it dry

So yes, I have been reading the last book of the Twilight series...

I should have already finished it since I started it, ahem, 4 months ago but blame it on my excuses!

This book is so good and I can't wait to see how they do this in a movie version!

Til later...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Excuses, Excuses!

From Mama Kat's workshop I chose to write about:

3.) What have you been busy doing that's keeping you from updating your blog? How hard is it for you to get back into the swing of blogging when you take time off?

This week has been hectic! I decided to lose my sanity volunteer to teach the preschoolers at Vacation Bible School...(yep, its that time again!). I really didn't know what I was getting myself into. Its not THAT bad but it does make me take a 3 hour nap when I get home thats for sure!

I know I haven't updated even before this week started but its been really insane around here. I have my 2 kids and if I blog when I really want to I will find more spills and messes around my house than I could ever imagine. I am trying to not stay up til midnight but that is difficult considering I have a buttload of things that need to get done (i.e. dishes, laundry, Young and the know the important stuff!) But I should do it while the kids are still awake.....(laughing on the inside)

When I actually get back into blogging I have writers block which I can't understand why! My life is insanely crazy! I am getting ready to leave this summer faaaarrrr away from Alaska and I'm actually going to have a life! YES!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

As a mom I find humor in my children's fits. Go over to Wordless Wednesdays if you would like to participate

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The adventures of Crista and Alley(Mama Kat's workshop)

My Alaska bestie is the craziest girl I have came across in a long time. Whenever we are together something is bound to happen. We decided to go to a Slumber Party (a toy party for desperate curious housewives to put some spark in their lovelife).

Sounds like a great time eh? Not when the lady that is having it lives on the outskirts of Wasilla(the northern part) when you live in Alaska its like an hour road trip.

Or so we thought.

We planned on going to this thing then go for sushi (story: hubby hates it, I love it so when I find others who like it I take full advantage of that)

We followed Google map and apparently, like mapquest, google map is as reliable as my cat telling me how to get somewhere. We are in the middle of the sticks down a dirt road thinking its on the way to her house. I call her and ask her exactly how to get there. Google map was not correct. We turn around and I thought I heard a pop but I thought maybe it was just a rock or something. We get off the dirt road and on the pavement and I feel like my side of the car felt a little low. Alley insists that its just her bumper dragging because of an accident from a long time ago. She goes to check and says "well poop!" I said "We have a flat don't we?" She didn't have to answer I saw the look on her face. We were about a half mile from the lady's house and thankfully I was still on the phone with her so she came over and helped us fix the flat. I have a picture of Alley on my cell phone which I will put up later but it was a great day(other than the fact I never got my damn sushi!) We did go to DQ for some yummy blizzards so that kinda made up for it!

So I'm sure we'll have many other adventures before the army has us part our ways.

Till next time!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Why you shouldn't bring your toddler to a public bathroom and other junk

So after an incident involving me having to go to the bathroom at the PX, taking my 2 toddlers with me, and taking more than a couple minutes I read a forward about a woman who had the similar incident but in my situation I didn't have 5 or 6 women in the room, I think it was like 1 or 2 but I was distracting him over his "Mommy are you going poopy?" by saying "Braden you are poopy!" I did get away with it though by my childish comebacks though!

I have no life. Literally. I go to the mailbox down the street and get excited when even one big box has no key in it (meaning there is a package). I don't expect packages unless I had ordered something but I still get excited nonetheless.

I know I am lame.


I stole this from Meg because I'm back to being a blog stalker reader once again.


having the kids go to daycare
going back to school
opening up a deli/bakery with the sis
Seeing my family in IL
finishing school
going on a vacation
seeing old friends

played with the kids
watched Young and the Restless
checked my e-mail
looked for some awesome recipes
talked to the besties on the phone
planning the trip home
gave the kids a bath
relaxed with hubby after putting the kids to bed

be able to get rid of my anxiety
have a friend that I could spend time with everyday
pottytrain my daughter now
make Braden understand that pooping in his underwear is not okay
have a more communicative and understanding husband
be able to have enough money each month to do what I want
have a kickass job
have time for myself

Young and the Restless
Ghost Whisperer
Paranormal State
Chelsea Lately
Big Bang Theory
Nickelodeon shows
Sprout shows

I'm not going to tag anyone because not everyone likes doing these things(I like em). So feel free to do it if you want to!

Sorry avid readers of mine!

My friend Ashley reminded me of my MIA when it came to updating my blog. I have been busy with 2 hyperactive children, getting ready to leave, and just overly exhausted! I know I used to blog every day if not every other day so I felt a bit guilty that one of my favorite reader/blogger checked up on me about my blogging. I am really excited about going home. I love my mom but I know after about a week or two she's going to make me wanna tear my hair out drive me crazy.

Life has been hectic for me. I feel mentally and physically exhausted. I am in dire need of a vacay possibly with some good friends just hanging out and having a good time. I can't wait to go to IL and then going to Indiana Beach with the fam. Before my dad joined the army IB was our summer vacations and I haven't been there in years so I'm super psyched.

Although I have been off and on involved with hubby's unit I'm still not too happy about their ideas of organization and communication. I'm not happy with the fact that the first bake sale bombed out because noone knew about it until the day of so we had tons of bake stuff left over. They decided to freeze the I don't know about y'all but if I'm buying something baked I don't want it if I know that its 2 weeks old for the second bakesale. Unfortunately the second one bombed out because the stuff didn't freeze well. I'm not happy that I was not told of this til the day of AFTER I baked 12 more cinnamon rolls. I had to have hubby take them to work with him. A friend of mine thought that they should have gave money to the unit for the rolls I made. There has been a lot of wrong-doings and such in this unit since I've been here and they wonder why a lot of the spouses don't want to get involved.

Enough of that, I could write a book pamphlet about this unit but since this is a public blog I don't need to get the hubby in trouble.

Until later.

Monday, May 4, 2009


So I was over at Ashley's blog checking it out and she inspired me to post a yummy dish I made for dinner the other night. I LOVE to cook, it is my passion, and when I find other yummy dishes I can't wait to make them.

I took a tenderloin out of the freezer, it was already seasoned so I didn't have to add any extra stuff and put it in my crock pot...I have an unhealthy obsession with my crock pot...


I continued to chop up carrots and potatoes and made a roast out of that bad boy. After it was cooked I had the yummy seasoned water leftover so since I learned how to prepare gravy right from Miss Rachael Ray I made one hell of a meal. I complimented that with my famous loaded mashed taters.

Oh, and if you really want to ruin your waistline, go over to Jenn Cooks and make her delish Reeses Pieces Peanut Butter Brownies to go with your dinner!

Monday, April 27, 2009

101 in 1001

So I was inspired by my friend Ashley to make a list. I need to figure out 101 things I would like to accomplish and actually do in 1001 days. I have not put down 100 things just yet but here is so far.

The ones in italics I have accomplished

Here goes:

1. Clean out the kitchen and get rid of stuff I will never use again

2. Make sure my kitchen is clean before heading to bed nightly

3. Towards the end of the month start up a new grocery list/dinner list for the month. Every month.

4. Actually stay on Weight Watchers instead of throwing away 16 dollars a month for the site.

5. Losing 70 lbs.

6. get a monthly pedicure

7. Let go of negative people and the old ghosts that still continue to haunt me

8. Drive stick shift. I have always wanted to learn but never was taught. My dad knows how so maybe when I come home he can teach me

9. Shoot a gun. One of soldier boy's friend has a few guns that I can borrow sometime. Here on post there are many ranges so hopefully soon.

10. Stay off the computer and TV for a day (that is one accomplishment right there!)

11. Work on both kid's scrapbook

12. Get my first tattoo

13. Send snail mail to my grandma at least once a month

14. Pay off old debts

15. Clean out the kitchen and get rid of stuff I will never use again

16. Participate in the postwide yard sale and sell my unused things

17. Have a monthly date with hubby

18. Go through my e-mail folders and make a cookbook from the saved Hungry Girl recipes I have

19. Drink nothing but water for the whole month

20. Do Wii Fit for more than 30 minutes a day for one month (that one is tricky because of my 2 crazy kids)

21. Stop using my kids as an excuse not to do things!(see #19)

22. Accept my husband for who he is and understand that he is not going to change.

23. Let my husband cook unsupervised.

24. Make my household duties more greener by making my own cleaning supplies, using less water, ect.

25. Keep a budget and stick to it.

26. Keep up to date with my favorite bloggers and comment at least once a week.

27. Have another giveaway on my blog

28. Have a family night at least once a week.

29. Learn to knit

Mama Kat's workshop(I am overdue!)

Ok, so I am late doing the writers workshop but hey, its been awhile so I get some credit right?

Well, I decided to do the "Whats for dinner" because I love cooking. Sundays are usually the comfort food day when I'm not being lazy. Today I made:


Typical lazy Sunday dinner. I haven't made this in a long time so I called my mom to refresh my mind. She tells me that since my grandpa and dad love her recipe that I should make it like hers...well, my dad and grandpa eat just about everything so I kinda just recreate it and redo it in my way...I usually always do!

I coat the stew meat in flour and sear it in olive oil on the stove. While that is cooking I get my crock pot and put in carrots, potatoes, Lipton's Onion soup mix, can of Italian tomatoes, quart of water, salt, pepper, bit of sugar and then the meat goes in. It cooks in the crock pot for about 6 hours on low. I put the kids to bed for a nap and then I retreat to the bed and take a well deserved nap. I can smell it coming up the stairs after my 3 hour nap today and I am dying to dig in! I then go down and tear up some day old bread to make it a bit more stewy and it is oh-so-yummy!

So that is what we will have for dinner tomorrow. I made a lot because soldier boy's friend was supposed to come over but he was too tired from last night playing XBox with soldier boy til 2 a.m. so he slept most of the day! Oh well, more for us!

Some suggestions most army wives should take

*Disclaimer* This may or may not piss you off but being as it may I have been an army brat for 20+ years, I kinda know a little bit about the army and the spouses.

So I was thinking about making a new blog about things that piss me off or things that some army wives should do but I probably will get more hate mails than I could ever bargain for so I'll just write down the main irritations and some suggestions.

1) Your husband is in the military NOT YOU...if you wanna wear some rank I suggest finding a recruiter.

2) If you can't handle your husband going to the field, overseas, TDY, or *gasp* one NIGHT of CQ you best find yourself a civilian man who will be home every night and on weekends.

3) If you find yourself posing nude and posting it on myspace, facebook, ect and you are married to a military man overseas, don't be too surprised when he calls and wonders why the guys in his unit have your pictures posted on their sites.

4) If your house is nasty, your kids are dirty, and you don't work, I suggest getting off your lazy behind and doing something about it or your husband will get in trouble. If you live on post don't be surprised if you get kicked out.

5) It is hospitable to introduce yourself to new people that move in (cookies do well also!). People are shocked when I come over with a plate of cookies and some nice chat to let them know if they need anything to let me know.

6) I have heard everything so don't be amazed when you tell me something that you think will shock the hell out of me, especially when it comes to wives doing stupid crap.

7) Sometimes its best to just listen and not try and give advice...I learned that the hard way!

8) Don't be afraid to make some civilian friends, sometimes we need that!

9) I can't really preach about being tactful because I am no good at it but I hear it helps....

10) Army wives can make the best friends for life if you find the right ones!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thanks for the laughs Bea!

You will be greatly missed!

Monday, April 20, 2009


I LOVE Michael Buble. He is not only sexy but his voice moves mountains (and some women's underwear!haha)

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Life. So far

So I put my bff on a plane back to New Orleans. I miss him already! So now its back to dieting and living again. I had been really bad this past week and scared to get on my Wii to tell me that I gained weight. EEEK! I am in the process of putting together my 101 in 1001 list idea from my friend Ashley. I thought there was no way of thinking of 101 things I want to do but since I'm on number 30 I think "wow, there are a lot of things I really want to accomplish!" I really need to change my life, not only for myself but for my children. There are a lot of things wrong in my life that really need an awakening. I have been having issues with my mom recently because of Easter and the things that the kids "HAD" to do and that I did not do. My attention was focused on the fact that I never go out and have not gone out since my oldest was 2 and we were staying with my aunt in Illinois. As a mom, you don't go out, you just don't. I know what you are thinking "Just because you are a mom doesn't mean you can't live life". Thats not what I mean. When you are a mom you don't think about what is going on on Friday or Saturday night like when you were childless, you think about "What am I going to feed my kids tonight" or "Will I actually get to sleep in past 8:30 a.m.?"

When Luke told me he was going to visit me for a whole week I forgot that same weekend was Easter weekend. Now, my kids are 1 and 3 and really don't care about the whole ordeal, they do care about getting the candy. I went out last Saturday night with my friend and got very intoxicated, which I NEVER do, so church and finding hidden Easter eggs was not in my vocabulary come the next day. My mom had an explosive fit. Now, I know that when my sister and I grew up we always had Easter but that was my mom, she was always like that. I find myself doing things that change the history of my childhood and I don't see anything wrong with that. My kids still got their chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, ect but I didn't hide eggs. I'm sure they will appreciate doing those things next year and the ones that come after. I may sound a bit selfish this year but I don't get to do things I want to do, thats what a mom is all about, your family comes first. Well sue me that I wanted it this way at this time.

But enough of my ranting. I need to get some things done but wanted to update on my blog since the last one was from a week or so ago. Hope everyone had a great Easter!

Monday, April 6, 2009

MM-Lady Gaga

This song makes me wanna shake my groove thang and it gets me pumped up to work out and sweat.

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Honey, whats for dinner?

Never fails. Every evening hubby comes home, takes off his boots, throws them on the floor, strips down to his ACU bottoms and goes "honey, what are we having for dinner?"

Now, I cook pretty much every night, when I don't the frozen pizza comes out and in the oven. I want to share with you my favorite sites that I use when I need some culinary inspiration:

1) Recipezaar. Anything, I mean ANYTHING you need is in this site right here. I was out of buttermilk and there is a recipe for that (1 cup milk plus 3 Tbs. vinegar, let sit 15 min..simple!)

2) Jenn Cooks. My favorite food blogger. Her pictures make me hungry and her recipes are divine!

3) Not really a site but my cookbook bible:

You can never go wrong with Miss Rachael Ray!

I actually made a few things out of this cookbook. Tonight I made inside out turkey bacon cheeseburgers and oven was soo good!

I also have a new recipe swapper thanks to Meg's recipe swapper exchange. I love my swapper, she is so awesome and really sweet!

I hope these ideas get your mind at ease. I have decided that the last week of the month that I would look up new recipes, write them down and have a second list for groceries of the items I don't have. It saves so much time because I am bad at having 2 bottles of ketchup in the back of my pantry(which in reality I do because I thought we were out!) and a million boxes of cereal...well I can't help that due to having 2 kids on WIC (Thank God for that program!). I try and stick to my list when I go shopping but the sales about kill me. I try to avoid it unless I really do need it ( I need cake mix and frosting for 75 cents each?)

Friday, April 3, 2009

My baby boy is getting bigger before my eyes!

So little man is officially potty trained, well, pee trained on the potty that is. I still can't get him to poop in the toilet, he still goes in his underwear. I beg and plead for him to tell me when he has to poop. He has pooped twice in the potty but that was it.

Well, anyway, he got a Leapster for being a big boy these past 2 weeks going pee. I still put diapers on him at bedtime though, he doesn't like the goodnites but thats okay, if I can just go through a box a month with just Ladybug and then him at bedtime I should save some money. I would really like to train Ladybug but I'm just happy that little man is trained. She will be 2 in July so maybe I will start then, or at least try to.

Well, that has been my life lately, not too exciting. I don't write too personal stuff on here, I leave that to my myspace blog. Once my life is in order the way I'd like it I will share more on a more personal level.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Something nice to discuss at the dinner table...

Hey could you pass the milk please?

Q: Can Men Breastfeed?

A: Odd as it seems, men can lactate. In their 1896 book, Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine, Dr. George Gould and Dr. Walter Pyle recount several occurrences of men breastfeeding their young. The stories include a sailor who put his son to his breast to quiet him and started producing milk; a South American peasant who sustained his child with his own breast milk during his wife’s illness; and a Chippewa man who put his infant to his breast following the death of his wife and produced enough milk to rear the child.

The phenomenon hasn’t stopped. In 2002, a Sri Lankan man named B. Wijeratne lost his wife and was left to care for their 18-month-old daughter. When the child refused powdered milk, Wijeratne tried something different. “Unable to see her cry, I offered my breast,” Wijeratne told a Sri Lankan newspaper. “That’s when I discovered I could breastfeed.”

Wijeratne isn’t alone. All men can breastfeed, because they possess the two most vital components for lactating—mammary glands and pituitary glands. Mammary glands, which produce milk, are present in all mammals. In fact, they’re one of our defining characteristics. In some cases, such as with mice, the mammary glands of the males are too underdeveloped to function. In humans, however, they’re fully formed in both sexes, complete with breastfeeding ducts and nipples.

Of course, for a human to actually breastfeed, those mammary glands have to be activated somehow. In women, this usually happens during pregnancy, when the brain’s pituitary gland starts releasing large amounts of a hormone called prolactin, which prepares the breasts to produce milk.

All men produce small amounts of prolactin during their lifetimes. It’s released after orgasms, for example, and may be responsible for the associated feelings of satisfaction and relaxation. But typically, it’s never present in large enough quantities for men to breastfeed. Under the appropriate psychological circumstances, however, the mind can demand that the body produce more of the hormone. This often happens to mothers who adopt children and suddenly find they can nurse. And as Dr. Gould and Dr. Pyle have documented, there’s a long history of it happening in men, too.

This article was written by Shea Serrano and originally appeared in the September-October issue of mental_floss magazine.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Yeah, yeah, my Wii Fit is going to set me straight once again

Yes, I have been lazy, I have not wanted to do a damn thing except eat junk. I probably will get on the board and it will tell me that I have not been on and that I'm fat(again)

Oh well.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone enjoying my bunny cake I made for the Easter party tomorrow! I also made deviled eggs which I rock at.

My perty bunny cake(the cake is from a box mix but the frosting is homemade):

I know I haven't blogged in awhile but seeing that I have no life I didn't have much to write about. I still have my unwatched Twilight movie that I had to buy at midnight last Friday, guess I should snuggle in bed with the soldier boy and get him to watch it with me.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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