Monday, July 13, 2009

How in the world could you mess up THAT?!?

So the other day I was finding the recipe that Ashley posted awhile back of cookies made from boxed cake mix. Having chocolate on the brain (and the Aunt visiting) I was like "mmm that sounds good" so off to the commissary I go. I don't even look at the cake mix...*see chocolate mode* but go straight to the fudge brownies. I do the recipe like it says nix cake mix and it doesn't look like cookie batter but brownie batter...what the hell...I'll just have brownies with a strange texture in the end.

I'm seriously having issues these days.


Ashley said...

Mmm, you MUST go back and retry making these cookies. Especially with the fudge cake mix. YUMMNESS. I about shat on myself they were so good.
Or if you like oatmeal cookies, try out the oatmeal cookie recipe on the underside lib of Quaker old fashion oats! YUMMNESS x2. I use milk chocolate chips instead of raisins some times.

Kristen said...

Wow...we both have aunt visiting issues! And was so craving chocolate a few ago!

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