Tuesday, April 20, 2010

And the wait is(finally) over!

After waiting months for my cooking gadgets, furniture, ect, it is finally going to get here!  My dear old husband decided to do a full DITY move.  As always does he ever listen to me?  So after paying the movers OVER, it will be here tomorrow.
(they claim to *ahem* say we have over 11,000 lbs of furniture, which I called BS on..we got up there with only 6,500 and didn't buy much extra...Alison movers in Alaska screwed us, don't use them)

On another note I have gained some weight and it sucks...why is it that I can eat something fattening and GAIN weight and eat better and lose a half a pound?  WTH???  I am trying to watch what I eat because I will NOT be 240 lbs ever again!

My last day of work is tomorrow which I am overjoyedhappy about.  I have found a few things to keep the kids occupied every day and getting Braden ready for *gulp* Kindergarten in the fall!!  Both kids are pretty smart, even Lila who is 2 knows more things than I have realized.  They both amaze me everyday! 

I have been neglecting my blogging which has affected my Entrecard droppings, I am going to blog more and drop more on fellow Entrecarders I just need to get settled after I get my computer and not use my husbands slow laptop!

Well I'm off for now will blog more later!


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Stuff on my mind

As an army wife I have tolerated a lot of things, I really have no choice, but when idiots steallose sensitive items it affects the other soldiers and their families.  I am not a whiner/complainer/ect but when I work and have to raise 2 kids on my own you get a bit on the edge so to speak. This has happened in other units of my husbands and maybe I'm being a bit bitchy when I strikeout steal when sometimes its just a misunderstanding or one of them forgets the item in the field or back in Iraq/Afghanistan but c'mon this has been 3 days already that my husband has been stuck in the motorpool...something is wrong here, am I right?

Well, anyway, off to another piece...

I am officially down 40 lbs and I feel great!


Its been a long journey from here

Now I know I still have a few more pounds to lose but I'm making progress, I'm in a large and a 16 so not too bad!

But I am off to bed so I can get myself and the kiddos up for work/daycare.  Have a great night and weekend everyone and I'll try to update more often!

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