Thursday, April 8, 2010

Stuff on my mind

As an army wife I have tolerated a lot of things, I really have no choice, but when idiots steallose sensitive items it affects the other soldiers and their families.  I am not a whiner/complainer/ect but when I work and have to raise 2 kids on my own you get a bit on the edge so to speak. This has happened in other units of my husbands and maybe I'm being a bit bitchy when I strikeout steal when sometimes its just a misunderstanding or one of them forgets the item in the field or back in Iraq/Afghanistan but c'mon this has been 3 days already that my husband has been stuck in the motorpool...something is wrong here, am I right?

Well, anyway, off to another piece...

I am officially down 40 lbs and I feel great!


Its been a long journey from here

Now I know I still have a few more pounds to lose but I'm making progress, I'm in a large and a 16 so not too bad!

But I am off to bed so I can get myself and the kiddos up for work/daycare.  Have a great night and weekend everyone and I'll try to update more often!


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