Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ok, so I'm not so tech-savvy, sue me!

So I had my Blackberry storm for a grand total of 19 days and I liked it...somewhat. I liked the phone but Verizon was going to charge me too darn much each month just to have it and with no military discount...shame on them! So I went crawling back to AT&T and got myself the Iphone. I didn't get the big fancy one, just the 8GB one but thats okay because once I finally get a job I'm going to upgrade!

What I didn't like about my BB Storm? Well, I had to basically push it twice sometimes. I had to select what I wanted and push it again. I am impatient, when I want something done I want it done NOW! I also couldn't figure out how to stop the damn thing from going off each time I had an e-mail or a facebook alert..I guess this is why I gave up wanting to be a computer programmer...

Oh well.

But my Iphone DOES have an app for Starbucks! weeee!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

What to do, what to do?

I have been looking for things to do for the kids each day since I don't have a job nor extra income to put them in day care to socialize with other kids. I hate leaving them in front of the television while I'm online constantly looking for jobs. I have done some searching online for activities but I feel like its not enough like I should be teaching them more. I guess my search still continues!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wii Active update! Weee!

Wii Active has an expansion that has more workouts! I am so super-psyched! I can't wait for it to come out! Due to being broke off my butt I will have to wait for it. I did get done with the 30 day challenge...ahem...3 months after I started but I do have a good excuse thankyouverymuch!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Writer's Workshop

I haven't done Mama Kat's workshop in awhile due to drastic changes in my life(read past posts) so I decided to do this week. I chose the first one well, because of this and this

Yes, I want to go to England!

I know I should have went when I lived in Germany for almost 3 years but I never got a chance to!


Now that I know that Valium works for me when I flew from Alaska to Texas I am going to try and make a trip...*ahem* well when I'm not so broke I mean.
*Note: I did see the London Bridge located in Arizona, that was pretty cool!

I love new fall shows!

So when September comes towards an end I get super-excited because...


Okay, I know, getting excited over some shows is lame but hey, I'm a stay at home mom with no life right now!

I got to watch my premiers of The Office, Biggest Loser, Big Bang Theory, and now I have a new fave show called "Modern Family" on ABC. (I just realized I have not watched any shows on ABC since Home Improvement!)

Can we say "freaking hilarious??"

Its about a middle-aged guy played by Ed O'Neill (He was Al Bundy on Married with Children) and he had been married for 6 months to this beautiful Latina woman who gets mistakened for his daughter. She has a son from a previous marriage who is 11.

He has 2 grown children, Claire and Mitchell, and they are just as insane as he is! Claire is married with 3 children and Mitchell is gay and adopted a baby girl from Vietnam with his live-in boyfriend.

If you want to catch the previews go here

Addict maybe?

Ever since my sister gave me one of her ColgateWisps I was hooked! These little brushes of freshness are amazing! I love how it gave me fresh breath and the little freshness balls in the center are just fabulous! I suggest anyone who needs some fresh breath in the middle of the day to pick up these things, they come in 4 to a pack so you can have yummy breath anytime!

What a pain!

So I moved here to Texas from Alaska to pursue an education and had no idea what I got myself into. After forgetting to turn in my spouse *MyCAA form I just decided to find a job...what a freaking hassle! So I'm still job hunting AND still looking for a used reliable vehicle so I don't have to use my mom's Prius.

*If you are a military spouse AND need free money for college, take advantage of it...6 grand!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye, we already know you are a douche

So please stop trying to keep reminding us! Your behavior at the VMA's was as classy as your "Bush hates black people" remark. You are an idiot and I think you and your fans should go find your own island and live there so you can be their king and keep away from us senile folk.

Now, we'll go back to our regularly (non-Kanye) scheduled blog.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Don't worry "Household 6" will come to the rescue!

So my sister asked me the other day what "household 6" meant. I had heard it before but really didn't know the exact definition of it, I knew it was something relevant to an army wife.

According to Urban dictionary:

A military man's stay at home wife basically. Here is the entire definition. (It wouldn't let me copy and paste for some reason.)

It really boils down to this: We are the commander of the household and we are in charge of making sure everything gets done...believe it or not, the military wife is the hardest job in the world. I almost punched out overhearing a soldier say that a military spouse is not that big of a job, or the hardest...obviously he never had to do anything but go to work.

*Editors note* Okay, it isn't the hardest job per se but it is pretty difficult to say the least!

Friday, September 4, 2009

My new best friend..err...I mean blogger

I seriously think I'm in lust love with this blogger. I only read one post and I'm in awe of her wittiness(is that even a word?). I think everyone should read and soak in her awesomeness. Don't get me wrong, I have come across some awesomeness but I think her blog takes the cake. Check it out:

Soak in it, bathe in it.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The new pay per post

I have to write a random sentence to claim my blog.

A nameless razor fusses.

I don't know why this razor who has no name fusses but maybe it does because he may have to shave in places that he does not like and wants to remain nameless.

Anyway. Payperpost is awesome!

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