Monday, January 28, 2008

I love this site!

Its called lolcats and it is the cutest and funniest site I have ever seen! People take pictures of cats and post them on the website and people send in captions for the pictures. Take a look!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Men-the more shallow they get the more uglier they get

So I was watching the new show that premiered tonight called "Moment of Truth" and the first contestant was the typical "Football Jock" Fitness trainer. He had this trophy wife sitting at the front with 2 of his friends.

If you never heard of the show its about people who take lie detector tests before the show and answer questions truthfully. If you get any of them wrong you don't win money.

So anyway, he answers the questions and I'm like "yeah, he's a pretty good looking guy". Then he gets asked if he thinks he looks better than his friends and of course he answers "yes" a typical male answer so I'm like "yeah, guys usually have that mentality". Then the host asks him if his wife's belly got flabby would he tell her to consider lipo. His answer was yes. I was like..." after a kid or two you would actually say that to her?" so I was a little peeved about that. Then they ask him if he was putting off having kids with her because he wasn't sure if they would still be together in 5 years and his answer was a quick "yes". I was like "wow...I bet he is one of those guys who would divorce his wife when she turns 30 to marry a 21 year old and it would repeat til he died".

I cannot stand guys like this guy. It made me want to punch him in the face. The more cocky he got the more uglier he got. I was like "wow, if this guy is really like this in real life he isn't going to have anyone but bimbos who think he was Gods gift to women...not like he'd be depressed about that though."

Men like him make women become lesbians.

Made a believer out of me!

So when I first saw the commercial for the Dawn Simple Pleasures dishwashing liquid plus air freshener I was like "Who would want that, and who leaves their dishwashing soap next to the sink?" I guess I'm a little OCD but I do not. I was going down the detergent/cleaning aisle and I saw the product on the shelf and got a little curious. I took the one that was called apple pear and peeled off the sticker to smell what the air freshener had to offer and OMG was I in love! That product went right from the shelf into my cart so fast you would have to think I found a pot of gold behind it if you were standing near me! I took it home and left it under my sink since I still had liquid dish soap to use up. I opened it up tonight because I was having a playgroup the next morning and I am in love! It made my kitchen smell sooo good! I am a believer straight up!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Worried about your kids nutrition?

As I was watching my DVR recorded shows of Rachael Ray (I'm a huge fan of hers) she had a guest on there that grew up eating fast food. As she got older and had children she wanted her kids to eat better so she made up these charts that shows what kids need throughout the day and what they have had so that way she knows that they have had their daily nutrients from the food pyramid. I am thinking about buying this chart for my family so that way I know that my kids are getting the daily fruits, veggies, ect. that they need throughout the day.

This is what the website says about the inventor:
Chickin Feed is a company dedicated to simple, fun and effective ways to improve nutrition for today's modern families. (Chickin Feed has nothing to do with feeding farm animals. It's an affectionate term for children.) Chickin Feed believes that a greater awareness of what makes up a balanced daily diet will lead to better overall eating habits. And hopefully to a lifetime of healthy eating.

Chickin Feed was started by mother hen, Leslie Smith Grant, a mother of two with no good nutrition training to speak of. It began while trying to come up with a simple way to teach her children about what they should be eating each day (and to remind herself as well). "I needed a simple way to keep the important information - what makes up a balanced daily diet - literally in front of my children." The Chickin Feed Tracking Board is the result. It is an extremely simple idea that helps parents and children keep track of what they NEED versus what they've HAD each day. It's Simple, Fun and Effective!
Chickin Feed website

Monday, January 21, 2008

Me? Crafty? You've got to be kidding!

So I have been scrapbooking. Its not professional but hey, who said it had to be right? So I've been starting my daughter's scrapbook and its looking great I just need some more die-cuts and such. I have tons of pictures on my digital camera I just need to get them developed (ugh, I hate procrastinating!). So on with my next journey of learning to knit and crochet. I have always wanted to learn so I think I'm going to try and see how it goes. I'd love to make my baby a cute blanket and I would also like to get a hope chest started for her also. I am so glad I had a girl so I can get all girlish with her and stuff. I just hope she is girlish growing up so that way I can have fun with her dressing up. So I have been wanting to learn many things and I have met some great people to inspire and help me so I'm thankful for that also!

So the journey begins...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ugh work at home jobs

I have been looking for work at home jobs for months now. I don't want to invest in a business, I already do that for Avon(which I LOVE) but I would like a job that I don't have to pay anything into. You shouldn't have to pay to work. Period. When I first was looking I got all the Melaluca people calling me all the time, I don't want to get involved with that. I am sure the products are great but I have to buy their products each and every month which I don't want to do. I save more money at the commissary then purchasing their products. Again, I don't want to pay to work. Then I got involved in the text chat operator but I did it for a month because I realized that I had to spend most of my time on the computer to get at least a minimum of 2000 texts a month. I have 2 kids and I would rather not spend all my time talking to weirdos who think they are in love with me and get jealous if they knew I was talking to other people. So yeah, I'm still on a mission to find a job that I can work a few hours a day and get paid decent. If anyone has a good work at home job lemme know!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I didn't realize

That I could get paid by sites to blog! I found a few on the blog group I joined on yahoo.
(I wrote this blog late at night and didn't realize that the link below doesn't pay, just posts your sites!)
blogarama - the blog directory

My website

I love informing people about the great sites I find so I decided to put those and the things I find. I would like any input that you have for me to get my site up. I used Google adsense but took them down because I wasn't getting any money with it so I put the google adsense on my blogs to see if I get anything with that.
Check out my website and let me know if you like it! :)


My favorite movies

I so love stupid horror flicks especially the B rated ones from the 70's and 80's! You know if a couple are having sex they are going to die, its a total given! I love gore, I am a freak I know but the bloodier the better! one of my favorites:

Yes, I LOVE zombie movies they are my fave!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Yes, I know, its Alaska and January

But seriously, its sooo cold! I know we are close to the Arctic Circle and all but this is ridiculous! Well, I am thankful that I don't live up in Fairbanks where its even colder there than it is here! The kids are seriously having major cabin fever (and I have to admit that myself) but I just don't want them to go outside if they don't have to. The weather has been in the negative this past week! As I went outside this evening to get the mail I swear the snow is almost up to my knees! I know I'm short(5'3) but the snow is getting up there! Well, I guess I will just live with it til the army moves us again in 2010...that seems like a long ways away but we have been here since last March and it seemed to have gone by really fast so maybe it will go by fast this year as well. I guess we'll see! Well, til later.

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