Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Men-the more shallow they get the more uglier they get

So I was watching the new show that premiered tonight called "Moment of Truth" and the first contestant was the typical "Football Jock" Fitness trainer. He had this trophy wife sitting at the front with 2 of his friends.

If you never heard of the show its about people who take lie detector tests before the show and answer questions truthfully. If you get any of them wrong you don't win money.

So anyway, he answers the questions and I'm like "yeah, he's a pretty good looking guy". Then he gets asked if he thinks he looks better than his friends and of course he answers "yes" a typical male answer so I'm like "yeah, guys usually have that mentality". Then the host asks him if his wife's belly got flabby would he tell her to consider lipo. His answer was yes. I was like..." after a kid or two you would actually say that to her?" so I was a little peeved about that. Then they ask him if he was putting off having kids with her because he wasn't sure if they would still be together in 5 years and his answer was a quick "yes". I was like "wow...I bet he is one of those guys who would divorce his wife when she turns 30 to marry a 21 year old and it would repeat til he died".

I cannot stand guys like this guy. It made me want to punch him in the face. The more cocky he got the more uglier he got. I was like "wow, if this guy is really like this in real life he isn't going to have anyone but bimbos who think he was Gods gift to women...not like he'd be depressed about that though."

Men like him make women become lesbians.


Amy said...

I saw the same show and I thought the guy was an arrogant jerk! Even when I was young and considered very attractive, I steered clear of those kind of guys! I've always found imperfection very attractive!


Sandy M said...

I wonder if he and his eye-candy wife (which apparantly is what she is to him), had a huge fight after the show. She seemed very surprised about the baby question.

Nature's Prism said...

I'd probably be rolling my eyes every time he answered a question. He sounds like such a loser!

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