Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Worried about your kids nutrition?

As I was watching my DVR recorded shows of Rachael Ray (I'm a huge fan of hers) she had a guest on there that grew up eating fast food. As she got older and had children she wanted her kids to eat better so she made up these charts that shows what kids need throughout the day and what they have had so that way she knows that they have had their daily nutrients from the food pyramid. I am thinking about buying this chart for my family so that way I know that my kids are getting the daily fruits, veggies, ect. that they need throughout the day.

This is what the website says about the inventor:
Chickin Feed is a company dedicated to simple, fun and effective ways to improve nutrition for today's modern families. (Chickin Feed has nothing to do with feeding farm animals. It's an affectionate term for children.) Chickin Feed believes that a greater awareness of what makes up a balanced daily diet will lead to better overall eating habits. And hopefully to a lifetime of healthy eating.

Chickin Feed was started by mother hen, Leslie Smith Grant, a mother of two with no good nutrition training to speak of. It began while trying to come up with a simple way to teach her children about what they should be eating each day (and to remind herself as well). "I needed a simple way to keep the important information - what makes up a balanced daily diet - literally in front of my children." The Chickin Feed Tracking Board is the result. It is an extremely simple idea that helps parents and children keep track of what they NEED versus what they've HAD each day. It's Simple, Fun and Effective!
Chickin Feed website


Princess said...

I loooove Rachel Ray too!! An entire meal in 30 minutes! Can't get any better than that. She's great. Thanks for the info on Chickin Feed

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