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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I prayed today

My friend Janel lost her unborn baby boy today. She was 20 weeks pregnant. If you are a believer please pray for her, she really needs it!


--Heather-- said...

She is in my prayers. My sister just gave birth to a baby girl 1 week ago, after losing 2 babies around 20 weeks. Tell her, we FEEL her pain.

Momma Moe said...

I lost two unborn children, several years ago....I, too, feel her pain. You better believe I'll be praying for her! Godspeed!

Ashley said...

How sad :( May God grant her some peace and serenity through it all.

Leslie M. said...

I just saw this!

I am a Believer and I will pray for her!! Like Ashley Who Posted before me said.. I will pray for the peace that passes all understanding!!

Thank you for letting us know so WE can pray!!

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