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Friday, April 3, 2009

My baby boy is getting bigger before my eyes!

So little man is officially potty trained, well, pee trained on the potty that is. I still can't get him to poop in the toilet, he still goes in his underwear. I beg and plead for him to tell me when he has to poop. He has pooped twice in the potty but that was it.

Well, anyway, he got a Leapster for being a big boy these past 2 weeks going pee. I still put diapers on him at bedtime though, he doesn't like the goodnites but thats okay, if I can just go through a box a month with just Ladybug and then him at bedtime I should save some money. I would really like to train Ladybug but I'm just happy that little man is trained. She will be 2 in July so maybe I will start then, or at least try to.

Well, that has been my life lately, not too exciting. I don't write too personal stuff on here, I leave that to my myspace blog. Once my life is in order the way I'd like it I will share more on a more personal level.


Leslie M. said...

HI, It's your GA friend!!!Potty training! hahahh those were the days! What a HUGE milestone! Congrats!!
THAT is exciting!!!! Glad to hear some Good news!!!
The cake was gone, and I got a CRUMB!! Thanks again!!! DELISH!!!!!

Jazzy Jemz said...

Yay!!! What a milestone! Now on to the DD

The Queen said...

Wowzers, this is great. I envy you. I heard it's easier to get them to go pee pee than it is to make them go poopy. How old is he? At what age should they be potty trained. My son will be three in September and the only thing I've done is bought a mini-potty. He doesn't really use it and thinks it's a game or something. I am not with his father so I know it's going to be tough for us to be on the same scedule with potty training. I guess I need to get some books and start reading. Eeeck! Potty On, Wayne!

Lesley said...

oh lord....I hear more stories about trying to potty train....I am so not looking forward to that stage.

Stepfanie said...

Truly turns 2 in 2 weeks and we are just getting to potty training. It's hard because I feel like teaching her consumes every little thing that I do in the day. At least she's excited! lol

Kristen said...

Aww. That potty pic brings back memories. My friend had the same prob with her kids. Her daughter would ask for a diaper then go hide in the corner and poop. Here is the link to my Potty Chronicles. Potty training follies.

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