Monday, April 6, 2009

Honey, whats for dinner?

Never fails. Every evening hubby comes home, takes off his boots, throws them on the floor, strips down to his ACU bottoms and goes "honey, what are we having for dinner?"

Now, I cook pretty much every night, when I don't the frozen pizza comes out and in the oven. I want to share with you my favorite sites that I use when I need some culinary inspiration:

1) Recipezaar. Anything, I mean ANYTHING you need is in this site right here. I was out of buttermilk and there is a recipe for that (1 cup milk plus 3 Tbs. vinegar, let sit 15 min..simple!)

2) Jenn Cooks. My favorite food blogger. Her pictures make me hungry and her recipes are divine!

3) Not really a site but my cookbook bible:

You can never go wrong with Miss Rachael Ray!

I actually made a few things out of this cookbook. Tonight I made inside out turkey bacon cheeseburgers and oven was soo good!

I also have a new recipe swapper thanks to Meg's recipe swapper exchange. I love my swapper, she is so awesome and really sweet!

I hope these ideas get your mind at ease. I have decided that the last week of the month that I would look up new recipes, write them down and have a second list for groceries of the items I don't have. It saves so much time because I am bad at having 2 bottles of ketchup in the back of my pantry(which in reality I do because I thought we were out!) and a million boxes of cereal...well I can't help that due to having 2 kids on WIC (Thank God for that program!). I try and stick to my list when I go shopping but the sales about kill me. I try to avoid it unless I really do need it ( I need cake mix and frosting for 75 cents each?)


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