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Monday, April 27, 2009

Some suggestions most army wives should take

*Disclaimer* This may or may not piss you off but being as it may I have been an army brat for 20+ years, I kinda know a little bit about the army and the spouses.

So I was thinking about making a new blog about things that piss me off or things that some army wives should do but I probably will get more hate mails than I could ever bargain for so I'll just write down the main irritations and some suggestions.

1) Your husband is in the military NOT YOU...if you wanna wear some rank I suggest finding a recruiter.

2) If you can't handle your husband going to the field, overseas, TDY, or *gasp* one NIGHT of CQ you best find yourself a civilian man who will be home every night and on weekends.

3) If you find yourself posing nude and posting it on myspace, facebook, ect and you are married to a military man overseas, don't be too surprised when he calls and wonders why the guys in his unit have your pictures posted on their sites.

4) If your house is nasty, your kids are dirty, and you don't work, I suggest getting off your lazy behind and doing something about it or your husband will get in trouble. If you live on post don't be surprised if you get kicked out.

5) It is hospitable to introduce yourself to new people that move in (cookies do well also!). People are shocked when I come over with a plate of cookies and some nice chat to let them know if they need anything to let me know.

6) I have heard everything so don't be amazed when you tell me something that you think will shock the hell out of me, especially when it comes to wives doing stupid crap.

7) Sometimes its best to just listen and not try and give advice...I learned that the hard way!

8) Don't be afraid to make some civilian friends, sometimes we need that!

9) I can't really preach about being tactful because I am no good at it but I hear it helps....

10) Army wives can make the best friends for life if you find the right ones!


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