Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My little man

my dad, little man, Joe

Although little man is only 4 sometimes I think he is much older. He is a combination of my dad, my cousin Joe, and my husband which, if you knew any of them you'd be scared too. He is such an amazing little boy and so damn smart if you ask me!

Some randomness of little man:

"Mom wipe my boot(butt)" (after he poops in the potty)

"Where are my cars?"

"Where is (insert a family member that we live with even if they are in the room)?"

"Can I have a rice christmas tree?" (rice krispy treat)

"I don't like that Happyween store"(He calls Halloween, "Happyween")

I decided to write a random post about my favorite little man because he makes me so happy and so mad all wrapped into one. He says the most craziest things and does the strangest things that you can't help but love him for it.


Meg said...

That is sweet.

AmesOx said...

Hey chica, I left you something on my blogity-blog :-)

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