Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sorry avid readers of mine!

My friend Ashley reminded me of my MIA when it came to updating my blog. I have been busy with 2 hyperactive children, getting ready to leave, and just overly exhausted! I know I used to blog every day if not every other day so I felt a bit guilty that one of my favorite reader/blogger checked up on me about my blogging. I am really excited about going home. I love my mom but I know after about a week or two she's going to make me wanna tear my hair out drive me crazy.

Life has been hectic for me. I feel mentally and physically exhausted. I am in dire need of a vacay possibly with some good friends just hanging out and having a good time. I can't wait to go to IL and then going to Indiana Beach with the fam. Before my dad joined the army IB was our summer vacations and I haven't been there in years so I'm super psyched.

Although I have been off and on involved with hubby's unit I'm still not too happy about their ideas of organization and communication. I'm not happy with the fact that the first bake sale bombed out because noone knew about it until the day of so we had tons of bake stuff left over. They decided to freeze the I don't know about y'all but if I'm buying something baked I don't want it if I know that its 2 weeks old for the second bakesale. Unfortunately the second one bombed out because the stuff didn't freeze well. I'm not happy that I was not told of this til the day of AFTER I baked 12 more cinnamon rolls. I had to have hubby take them to work with him. A friend of mine thought that they should have gave money to the unit for the rolls I made. There has been a lot of wrong-doings and such in this unit since I've been here and they wonder why a lot of the spouses don't want to get involved.

Enough of that, I could write a book pamphlet about this unit but since this is a public blog I don't need to get the hubby in trouble.

Until later.


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