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Thursday, June 4, 2009

The adventures of Crista and Alley(Mama Kat's workshop)

My Alaska bestie is the craziest girl I have came across in a long time. Whenever we are together something is bound to happen. We decided to go to a Slumber Party (a toy party for desperate curious housewives to put some spark in their lovelife).

Sounds like a great time eh? Not when the lady that is having it lives on the outskirts of Wasilla(the northern part) when you live in Alaska its like an hour road trip.

Or so we thought.

We planned on going to this thing then go for sushi (story: hubby hates it, I love it so when I find others who like it I take full advantage of that)

We followed Google map and apparently, like mapquest, google map is as reliable as my cat telling me how to get somewhere. We are in the middle of the sticks down a dirt road thinking its on the way to her house. I call her and ask her exactly how to get there. Google map was not correct. We turn around and I thought I heard a pop but I thought maybe it was just a rock or something. We get off the dirt road and on the pavement and I feel like my side of the car felt a little low. Alley insists that its just her bumper dragging because of an accident from a long time ago. She goes to check and says "well poop!" I said "We have a flat don't we?" She didn't have to answer I saw the look on her face. We were about a half mile from the lady's house and thankfully I was still on the phone with her so she came over and helped us fix the flat. I have a picture of Alley on my cell phone which I will put up later but it was a great day(other than the fact I never got my damn sushi!) We did go to DQ for some yummy blizzards so that kinda made up for it!

So I'm sure we'll have many other adventures before the army has us part our ways.

Till next time!


Kristen said...

Umm. you forgot to mention the goodies at the party! Thank goodness you weren't too far away...stranded I mean.

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