Monday, March 9, 2009

Join the First Commenters Club!

From Mariuca's Blog:

When I first started giving out free linky love to my First Commenter (FC) for any star posts that you see here or at MPG, I did not think it would end up being so much FUN! Soon after, several blogger friends followed suit in showing appreciation for their First Commenter by giving out free linky love as well.

Some vary the way the link is given while others add EC credits on top of the free linky love. However it's done, there's no denying the fun that we've enjoyed in trying to win that much coveted FC spot in order to be featured at the host blog. So after much thinking and conferring with my BFF confidante LadyJava, I've decided to make things formal by starting a brand new
First Commenter Club!

I think most of you who are already giving away linky love to your First Commenter realize by now that this is indeed a wonderful way for us to thank our commenters who make the effort to stop by and comment on our blogs. It is also a great way to increase your traffic and comments as bloggers are more inclined to drop by your blog to see if you have a new star post out in hopes of winning the free link back that you are giving away.

The FC Club will house all members under one roof. This will make it easier for us bloggers to visit and get to know one another better. Furthermore, all members would be aware of which blogs are giving away free linky love to their first commenters, thus encouraging other FC members to visit your blog!

The rules are simple, because we like things simple and sweet.

1. Your blog gives away FREE linky love to your FIRST COMMENTERS.
  • It doesn't matter how many times in a month you have FC linky love posts at your blog but do take note that the tendency of other bloggers visiting you (to win the linky love you are giving away) increases with the number of FC linky love posts you write.
2. Display the FC button and blogroll in your sidebar.
  • Once we have finalized the FC Club member list, please come back here to get your code for the complete blogroll of Members.
Here is the badge to display at your sidebar.

3. We are looking for 100 blogs only so HURRY!
  • For now, our membership drive is open to the first 100 blogs that qualify. All types of blogs are welcomed to join the FC Club, but we draw the line at blogs that are pornographic in nature.

So what are you waiting for? Keep your readers coming back for more by joining the First Commenter Club. Start showing your love and appreciation for your readers and commenters today!


Lolli said...

This sounds interesting! I'd love to learn more about it!

MommaWannabe said...

Hi Crista! Am I first in this post ;)?

Mariuca said...

Hi Crista, I see the * post here, and I see the badge, awesome! Will change ur status to official member and keep on giving out those linky love yeah? Congrats to the FC for this post. Maybe one day I'll get to be ur FC too! ;)

PS. You can get the Top Commenter widget here.

Mariuca said...

Crista! I will email u shortly re the widgets, okay to email at the add I see at ur profile page? ;)

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