Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A bit of my life as an army brat, culture shock, and why I think soldiers are sexy

So I'll give you a little tidbit about when my dad joined the army. I was 8 years old and I was a holy terror...mainly because I was leaving the only little town I ever knew, friends, and family. I rebelled bad. Don't make fun of me(but I know you will) but I grew up in a town of 4800 people, which were 98% white, the others were Mexican and I think we had a few mixed black/white. I had never seen a black person except in (this is where you are going to laugh) my textbooks and TV.

Ok, you can shut up now!

So anywho. We moved from my little town in Illinois to Ft. Polk, Louisiana. This is where I got my first taste of culture shock. I learned a lot of very interesting words and slangs and so-forth. I got my first crush on a boy who was black. My parents freaked out because I was totally in love with him. But there was nothing I could do about it plus he liked another girl anyway. So that was done and over with.

So we moved all over. I moved back home when I was almost 16 when my dad had to go to Korea. I was so stoked to be able to see my friends again! So I went back to school there for my sophomore year. We moved to Ft. Stewart, GA (my all-time fave post and where I met hubby!). I was a Junior and only went to the school in GA for one year. I begged my parents and my grandma to move back to IL for my senior year and got to go. I then went to college there for one semester and moved back home to Ft. Stewart, GA...I was 18...mmmhmm....

So, this is the part where you can stop if you are easily offended or don't like reading about sex and things of that sort.

So I was of legal age and surrounded by hot soldier boys in BDU's, let me tell you I was in high heaven y'all. I always knew that guys look hot in uniform, I knew that since day one when we moved to an army base for the first time. Well, I did my share of meeting guys off the internet, I had a few not so good ones, and ones who didn't click. I lost my virginity to an MP, of all soldiers, it had to be one of those. I didn't mean to, but he was totally hot and well, yeah. I was bad y'all. I was promiscuous and it was funny because the guys thought that they were using me....ha.ha.ha. Yeah, I let them think that. I couldn't stop fantasizing about soldiers, even when my dad used to bring his buddies home I couldn't stop thinking about stripping them down to just their dog tags and doing naughty things to them.

I met my hubby at the sports bar in Stewart. I wanted him. I got him home and we didn't do anything til the next morning. He called me the next day..I was like "WTH?" when my sister mouthed "Its him!" when she answered the phone. Our non-platonic friendship lead to full on dating. We were engaged that same year on Christmas and I said "Yes, but its going to be a long engagement" (He was getting stationed to Germany that next month, we all moved there a few months later)

I love soldiers y'all. I didn't want to marry them, I just wanted their tight muscular bodies and I have to tell you the smell of motor oil and Kiwi shoe polish still gets me hot...unfortunately hubby wears boots that don't need to be shined but the motor oil smell still gets to me. My craving for soldiers still has not gone away. I will sometimes have to pick up hubby or drop him off at work and I still can't help myself fantasizing. Its a bad habit. I love my husband but there is no law against thinking about his buddies in nothing but their dog tags...haha


Lesley said...

I know what you mean....there is something about a man in the military...I love that I married a military man....

CastoCreations said...


I LOVE a man in uniform. I swore I'd never marry a cop but sure enough...hubby is in uniform and I LOVE it!

Heather said...

Oh hell yeah lol. I love me some ACU's lol. I love it when they are getting ready for work with just ACU's bottoms on and their dog tags that is soooooo freakin hot!!! Damn I miss those days =0(

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