Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another year older...don't remind me!

So yeah, tomorrow is my birthday...big freakin deal!

But to the ones who wanted in on my birthday giveaway tomorrow it's a BIG deal for them! Later I will get my handsome son to pick a winner for me and I will post it, I will do it before tomorrow night I promise!


Ashley said...

Happy birthday Crista! Mine was yesterday :) Ha ha.

Mariuca said...

Of coz it's a big freaking deal Crista ha ha! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Love and hugs for u on ur special day! :):):)

Leslie M. said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Birthdays are fun!!
This is what I do... I start saying "its my Birthday" to anyone who will listen.... about 2 days BEFORE my Birthday!!!

By my actual Birthday, Hubby is so Sick of me, he is ready to toss me to the curb!! ahaha

Happy Birthday and make it a good one!

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