Friday, March 20, 2009

The ultimate blog party!

If you didn't notice the colorful ultimate blog party widget on the sidebar go click on it and get involved in the UBP! Tons of prizes you can win! I am making this short and sweet because I have to get to work so join the fun!

A few of the prizes I want to win are:

copy of “Overcoming Obstacles with SPUNK! The Keys to Leadership & Goal-Setting
$50 gift certificate to Target Stores

Just a bit about me:
I am an army wife of 8 years and an army brat of 20. I have two beautiful babies, one is now potty trained! YES! I love scrapping, cooking, baking, and having get-togethers. I love blogging and I love meeting new bloggers. Come visit anytime! :)

There are more but I will come back to this post as soon as I'm done working! Hope to meet some great bloggers!


ladybug_3777 said...

Another partier stopping in to say hello!!

Party on!

Jen from

abc123vn said...

Thanks for the shout out! Stoping by to say Hi!

Liza767 said...

i am a newbie as i read more and more of these UBP blogs i believe i did mine wrong but i guess first time is always hard but i will get it right next year :)

debbi said...

just blog hopping...stop by to say hello. cute family pic.

jodifur said...

Thanks for stopping by jodifur!

MoodyMommy said...

I'm party hopping! Hope to see you at my party!

Tracy Berta-daughter to the King, wife, mother, speaker, writer said...

the "official" hello!

Joyful said...

I'm from the `Ultimate Blog Party` also.
Your site is very interesting.

I have a blog, your welcome to visit anytime.

Isn't this FUN!!


Cheryl F. {The Lucky Ladybug} said...

I stopped by for the Ultimate Blog Party! I enjoyed finding your blog and it was nice "meeting" you :)

Carolyn G said...

Happy blog party!!

kaptivity said...

I stopped by from the party! I like your blog, and I'll be back soon. Stop by my place if you get a chance!


ashley:) said...

party hopping!

~Billie~ said...

Hi there! I came across your blog through Cafemom. Love the photos on the side bar. =)

Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

Still party hopping the last few blogs I had bookmarked as good ones. I like your blog because it is diverse. So sorry to read you are affected by the volcano. I hope you won't have to use those masks, but just the worry of the possibility is bad enough. Here in Southern California, we get affected by fires and wind, plus all the ash and dust that comes with those.

PMKU said...

Here comes the prize train....TOOT TOOT!!!! You're a winner, stay tuned!

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