Sunday, March 15, 2009

My big boy!

So now little man decided the other day that he wants to start going pee in his urinal I got him.

The story:

The other day I was checking e-mail and in came little man with a shirt on and no diaper, he came up to me and said "I peed!" I said(in complete shock) "what? Where's your diaper?" He said "mommy I went pee!" Of course I jumped for joy since these past months he had refused to pee anywhere but in his diaper. Yesterday he wanted the diaper back on but then after awhile decided that he wanted to go potty and put on his big boy underwear.

Fine with me!

Today he went potty all day! I am so proud of him! I did get him those Goodnites Boxers but he didn't like the way they felt so I'll keep them for awhile and maybe he'll eventually wear them. For now I'll put diapers on him at night.

Eeek! I hope this "I need to go potty" thing is not temporary!


Momma Moe said...

Oh, amen to that! Our oldest is 4 and he still has not fully mastered the pee-pee. Aside from when he can pull down his pants and pee on an ant hill outside...oh, then...he's aces!

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