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Thursday, March 12, 2009

My guest blogger

I had so much fun watching my guest blogger, Stacey over at tree, root, and twig's vlog. She didn't have time to do her Wii Fit for about a week so her family and her came up with quite an original way of using the Wii Fit board. I love this original idea and maybe if you get a few friends who are familiar with the game to come over and have a Wii Fit board charade game!

Check it out!


Marilyn said...

Stacey: What a fun family night...I love the Wii stuff for all the laughter it brings into our house. And I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks to shake the remote up and down quickly to do the "running" on the Wii Fit. (It's what I do when I'm tired and Alex wants to do the two person run.) LOL

stacey @ tree, root, and twig said...

Marilyn - I'm so glad someone "got" what my daughter was doing by shaking that remote. :) I get on their case for doing that, but I do think it's hilarious. Our toddler laughs hysterically when the runners trip. :)

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