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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pay Per Post

get paid to blog

I finally got approved so I'm excited! I hope to make some extra cash so I can pay some bills and maybe buy something for myself for once! I stumbled across this site when I was looking to make some extra money and since I love to blog I thought "Hey, I will give it a try!". I was denied a couple times because I didn't have enough posts but now since I pretty much blog a couple times a week they finally approved me! I hope to make some new friends because I love to read new blogs and I get some really good ideas from reading other's blogs as well.

What I saw that I love about pay per post is that there are so many opportunities to talk about different topics. The prices the advertisers pay are very generous and I can't wait until I can make some decent money. I know that I'm still an amature at blogging but I am still learning and discovering new and exciting ways to make my blog exciting for my readers. I hope that I get more readers and using pay per post I am expecting quite a few! So read some older posts and see if they are to your liking!
get paid to blog


Mrs. Alspaugh said...

I am very proud of you. If you do one PPP a day or every other day, you will make a nice income.

Sue said...

I was just approved yesterday, too after being denied one other time. I haven't posted anything for it yet though. Hope it works out for you. GL :D

Christine Jade said...

Hey Congrats girl.Welcome aboard!
Goodluck with grabbing those Opps.


BoBo said...

Well...congrats Crista. I unfortunately was turned down for my BoBo Files blog because I do my Liberal Blogger Fridays thing. OH well. I'm waiting for My Frakkin Blog to hit the 30 day/30 post mark so I can apply for that blog. I think its a great idea! Also..thanks for commenting on my blog. I know it looks a bit radical..but that's the idea!

I'll be visitin here regularly. BTW - I was a 20835C when I was in the AF. Considering you are up in or your hubby may know what that is. I was stationed at Hellenikon, Greece.

Congrats and good luck with your PPP.

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