Friday, April 4, 2008

Can mommy have a time out please?

Its nice at night, hubby falls asleep with the baby around oh, about 9 ish so I get his butt up and have him take Braden with him so he can go to his bed. I love this time for me. I get on and check my myspace, cafemom, and drop my cards off on the ones who drop on me, comment on whatever posts sound good and get my e-mails read and caught up. I try to get some homework done since I have 2 online college courses for culinary. I so wish I could go to a classroom setting type but since I have 2 young kids who aren't in school and one vehicle it is difficult. Hubby is trying to get into some classes so if he goes in the evening I'll go in the daytime. He won't have to go into work, just PT. I also get some reading in when I have the time also. My nights end usually around 1 a.m. ish. I'm telling you, mommies need more hours in the day to get everything done!

Don't get me started with chores!


Ronnie said...

Agree! Find time, I know how hard it is.


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