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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

10 Superstitions, traditions, and/or personality quirks

I have some weird ones this week.

1. I never open an umbrella inside
2. I have a bit of an OCD problem. If I see a crumb on the counter it will drive me crazy until I get it cleaned up
3. The toilet paper must always be over not under..I tend to do that at my parents house too!
4. My husband says I have this sense that when he gets up for PT that I automatically roll over to his side of the bed. I'm a bed hog I knew that!
5. My husband's alarm is that annoying buzzing sound but what is funny is that I can not hear it go off. If I set my alarm to music I can hear that. Isn't that weird or what?
6. I love mixing corn and mac and cheese together
7. When I was pregnant I would eat fries and vinegar, then I wanted to dip my corn chips in pudding....I still eat fries with vinegar though
8. When my hubby is deployed or goes to the field I always hide a shirt of his that has his scent and sleep with it
9. I hate the sound of whistling. That is the most annoying sound ever.
10. At Christmas time we would pack in the car and look at the lights. We didn't do it this past Christmas because this was the first time I celebrated without my parents and I was bah humbug.

There is my list, hope you enjoyed reading! If you comment I will comment yours back! :)


Christine Jade said...

Fries with vinegar? haha I wonder whay I will do when get pregnant.
I wear my hubby's shirt too when he is away;)
Thess quirks are funny,I just remember Jules pointing out some of my weird quirks...I didn't even realize I had.

It was fun to read this. It's funny I posted a list today too;)

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