Monday, April 14, 2008

Not your typical army wife

arg! It drives me crazy when people, especially women who are not married to the military say "I'm so sorry your husband is in Iraq". (For the record he isn't there right now) I say "Why? The military is his job, he does and goes where he's told to. Its not like he was forced into joining the army". Most army wives drive me nuts, especially the newbies. Don't get me wrong, I was a newbie too although the ones who do know me are going "Well, you are an army brat you knew what you were getting into."....yeah I did but I was also raised as a pretty independent gal. My husband was like my first REAL relationship. I had off and on bf/gf but it was nothing serious so being single was not a big deal which is why when my husband goes to the field for a week or two or has to deploy no big deal, I can't whine about it its his job! I love the military life, yeah, moving sucks and a year long deployment can be stressful especially when kids are involved but I wouldn't want it any other way. I think separation makes the heart grow fonder in my opinion. When my husband comes home from being away for awhile it makes him appreciate me more (and more lovin in the bedroom too!hehe)

So for the record I do have military friends and I love all of them and I let them whine and cry to me because they are my friends and I'm there for them. My bff Janel tells me all the time how strong I am and how she loves that I am because she loves to talk to me and get advice from me. I love giving advice and I love talking which is why I blog so much!

But new military wives, be proud and be happy that you are married to a soldier in the US Army, after all we CHOSE this lifestyle and don't let anyone bring you down. The military wife is one of the strongest people in the military.

After all, we are the silent ranks!

(And P.S. not all of us are whores...some of us just like to flirt...alot! *giggle*)


BoBo said...

Bravo! Well said! Good luck to you, your children, and to your Soldier!...and be easy on those newbie army wives...they still don't get it yet! LOL.

Pinay Jade said...

"When my husband comes home from being away for awhile it makes him appreciate me more (and more lovin in the bedroom too!hehe)"

I know, my husband goes to business trips for a week or even two sometimes and it we definitely miss and yearn each other more so it is always a blast when he returns . LOL

thanks for your sweet words in my blog.

Christine Jade said...

Hi girl I have a tag for you, grab it when you can:)

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