Monday, April 7, 2008

My love for British men

I really don't know why I decided to make my Monday post about this but I guess after reading Lee Doyle's blog it brought up my love for them. Ever since I was 16 and I was first introduced to the band Bush I was in love with Gavin Rossdale...omg how I wanted to jump that man! How I adore Gwen Stefani! So my sister and I were so into the British hype. We were watching all the old shows on PBS they used to play on Saturday nights, my love of Mr. Bean is still in my heart to this day. I dreamt of living in England married to a sexy Gavin Rossdale lookalike just so he could talk to me in his sexy accent while we were having sex...oh fantasies! Before I was married I got my wish and had a romp with a hot British soldier when him and his unit came to Ft. Stewart...oh yeah, and I wanted my panties back but I know I'll never get them back since that was years ago! Oh well, I guess that was his trophy of getting to have sex with a cute little Yank from Illinois....

But reality is now and I have been with my sexy soldier boy from New York and we have 2 beautiful babies but don't get me wrong, my British men fantasies come around a time or two sometimes...and what married girl don't fantasize every now and then?


Lee Doyle said...

Believe me, most British men don't even have these ascents. It all depends on where you live... If your from the north i very much doubt you would understand them. South... maybe that's what you like.

I'm always amazed at how people love the British ascent... Whenever i talk to people from the US or wherever... They love it and it blows my mind.

Maybe i should just get a job talking... oh wait... i did that for 2yrs... but maybe i could do it in the US and make more money :)

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