Sunday, April 27, 2008

My hometown

When people think of Illinois they automatically think of Chicago. Well, think of a tiny town about 113 miles south of Chicago off of I-57. A small farming community called Paxton. I believe the population is around 1,800 or so and its a fairly white town which is why I'm thankful that my dad joined the army when I was 8...I think a little culture shock is what this little country girl needed!

We have a few celebs that are from Paxton such as Tom Meents who drives monster trucks, Bill Morrison who is in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame and a few authors. Okay, so Paxton doesn't have big name celebs but who cares! haha

I would love for you to visit the official website and learn about this little town. I love going back home and visiting once in awhile and going to my favorite restaurant...the 102 lounge. When I was little I wanted to waitress there but I probably will never have a chance to which is okay!


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