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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day

Yeah, it was okay. I got how cliche'. I was going to get all romantic with hubby tonight after putting the babies to bed but what do I find when I come downstairs in my cute little nightie? Him sleeping on the couch. Well crap. So I wake him up and he's like "are you coming to bed"...yeah right, just so I can watch you fall asleep upstairs? I don't think so.

Are there any romantic men left in this world or are we old married women just screwed for the rest of our lives with men who are "comfortable" with us so they think they don't have to do a damn thing to "woo" us....but then again he really hasn't been romantic at all since we've been married. He talked alot about it in his letters when he was in Iraq but all talk is what he is.

Someone out there find me a man who can still woo a girl! lol

Valentines Day is for dating and honeymooners.


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