Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Crista, why do you have to blog about every freakin thing?

When I used to blog regularly on myspace I would get comments such as "Crista, why do you care about this enough to blog about it?"

Well, last time I checked a blog is similar to a personal diary except its online and everyone can view it. I get mad at some blogs sometimes but I have to remind myself that that is their blog, not mine. Its their views, opinions, ect. I love blogging, its a drug that makes me come back. It doesn't matter what happened to me last week or last year I have to talk about it.

I don't blog on myspace any longer though because of the people who can't stop commenting and talking crap about me and the things I blog about. I'm sure one of my stalkers will find this and thats fine with me!

Til later!


TroubleX2 said...

Isn't that what a blog is?? Writing about whatever you want to? MySpace has gotten kind of over rated don't ya think? I have one, too. I really don't know why....oh yah, it's so I can monitor my kids spaces. LOL

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