Thursday, February 14, 2008

My love of British comedy

So ever since I was about oh, 16 I was taught about the meaning of Mr. Bean. Oh how I love that man. To this day I still watch it over and over again because you know I had to buy all his shows on DVD. When my day is shitty who can cheer you up better than Mr. Bean? I watched Mr. Bean's Holiday last week and about died, I told myself "I MUST buy that movie!" so I'm going to soon.

Soon after that PBS was airing old episodes of "Are You Being Served", "Keeping Up Appearances", "Vicar of Dibley" and some others and I was totally hooked! My aunt asked us that year what we wanted for Christmas and we told her we are hooked on British comedies. She sent me "The Young Ones" OMG, amazing! I had never seen the show before and I LOVED it!

I haven't watched the British version of "The Office" but I have it on Netflix so I"m anxious to check it out. I so love the American version mainly because I love Steve Carrell and John Krasinsky.

So yeah, I am hooked on the shows. When we were stationed in Germany I wanted SO bad to visit England but we never had the chance. Maybe one day I can go.

One can dream right?


Najwa said...

Have you watched "Allo Allo" yet. Here is a link to the homepage:
The show is very funny.
Another show that I used to enjoy watching is called "Some mothers Do
'ave 'em". Here is a site for it:
I used to live in England and loved British comedies.

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