Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Late night TV

So I was online and had the TV on in the other room as a little background noise. I guess there was an infomercial on (gotta love those at midnight!) and all of the sudden the guy on there was talking about how we have a lot of fecal matter built up in our WHAT? You know I had to go in the living room to see what he was talking about. I guess he is selling this product called "Almighty Cleanse"

I swear people sell some weird things on late at night, I wonder who really is up late at night wondering how they can buy some colon cleanse.

The picture I posted reminded me of the colon cleanse infomercial! I love The Nutty Professor!

I wonder if they have any late night infomercials on how to get fat sucked out of your stomach, that would be awesome!


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