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Monday, February 18, 2008

Bindi-I want to adopt a girl like her!

I was watching my daily dose of the Rachael Ray show and it featured Bindi Irwin (daughter of the late great Steve Irwin) and that little girl is amazing! She is 9 years old and has the mind of a 30 year old! She is so smart and funny and extremely talented! I loved watching her talk to Rachael and to tell her about her experiences traveling and seeing different animals and places. She talked about how she loves crocodiles and snakes and how they are beautiful creatures. The kids in the audience got to ask her questions and she said things like she "loves doing chores" and that she really never gets in trouble.

Man, I hope I can raise my kids as well as her parents have! :)


BroTee said...

I guess some people simply choose to read their bible upside down. If the Master instruct us to LOVE our enemies, then I wonder how a christian can justify HATE. It doesn't matter who the hatred is directed towards.
You've got a lovely blog. Thanks for visiting mine and encouraging me with your comments. Cheers.

PescatarianMom said...

She is so adorable. She seems so advanced.

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