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Saturday, February 16, 2008

An ongoing pattern that never stops or what?

So we have another school shooter, great, makes me feel better that I do my college courses online in the comfort of my own home. Doesn't make me feel better that my oldest is 2 and will be going to preschool in no time. What is wrong with these kids that they must go and shoot others then themselves.

No offense but when you look like this I would stay away from you in the first place.

I remember after I graduated, I think it was a few years later actually where some student sent threats about how he was going to shoot up the school. He was just crazy, but he was also picked on. Thats what happens when kids are picked on, they had enough! I'm not going to defend people who shoot up schools but look at the suspects who do these things!

Now the news says that noone suspected him of doing this but if you are on medication for something like insanity then yeah, there had to have been something in his brain that made him have to take drugs.

Look at past school shootings, there is almost a pattern:

This is what Wiki said about school shooters

Now some people say "We never suspected for him/her to do this" but c'mon, there is always SOMETHING in one's past to trigger something like this. We don't know what goes on "behind closed doors" and we don't know if the suspect was picked on by other classmates. What they say in the news and real life are two different things.

Bullies need to get reality checks before they start building another suspect.


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