Sunday, June 15, 2008

What Entrecard (meant) to me

I really enjoyed Entrecard but now after being a part of the forums I am seriously reconsidering my place in the EC world. I don't know about the rest of you but being a "newbie" in a forum can be a bit overwhelming. You never know what you can say or what you can't say just in case you piss off another member. If you post something and someone calls you out when you really didn't realize it and you get a little defensive about it there is someone else backing up that person because they have been there longer than you. I have been a part of a few forums that were like that and I didn't stay long. I don't expect anyone to defend me for anything but yes, I will come to someones defense
The offender calls someone out for a GOOD reason
The offender was being made fun of

I will not defend someone if they call another member a name for something that wasn't even necessary in the first place. I don't expect an apology from another member either because it is just the internet and we may never run into each other in real life. I have done my share of apologies because I know when I'm wrong and when I do get called out on something I will fix the problem not make a big fuss about it and expect someone to come to my rescue.

What pisses me off about forums is that if you don't have a secure place in the forum you are just ignored and treated like a second rate. If someone says things and the "bad" moderator comes in and deletes posts that seem inappropriate the poster gets all pissy and then gets the other regulars against the mod and that isn't fair either. Forums are supposed to be fun and no, they aren't all roses and sunshine but I think its fair to say that we should at least respect each other and be mature about things, I mean we do have PM's for a purpose.

I think that in my defense that what I posted was misunderstood. I did explain myself after I was called out on it, I am mature enough to do so. Its unfortunate that there are not many people like that on the forum. I am lucky to have gotten to know a few great members of the EC forum and drop on them and talk to them when I can.

We all want traffic generated to our blog that is a given. You want your voice to be heard. EC members will make sexy widgets which works (I may decide to do that later!hehe) Some will post in the forums to try to generate, or just dropping works too. I try not to be what is considered a "dropper" but one that comments too. Later on I will post my favorite bloggers but for now I have a paper to write for my college classes and take care of my two babies. I will still continue to blog because its what I truly love to do and if others don't like it that is their problem.

Til later.


Stefen said...

I don't really know about that, but I feel comfort in the entrecard forum. So far I have met several nice peoples there. I'm also a newbie as you can see I'm just join entrecard not long ago.

By the way I'm also a college student. I just have finished my thesis heheh... and has reviewed your blog in draft I will post it soon.

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