Monday, June 9, 2008

Army Wives Season 2

Well, I was so anxious to watch the Season 2 premiere after the shock we all had to go through after the last episode of Season 1. I know I was wondering what happened, who got killed, and so forth. It was very tearful especially at the end. I am hoping to see what is going to happen next Sunday. I won't give out any spoilers just in case you haven't caught up with it but a couple people do die from the bomb.

Here is a sneak peek if you want to check it out

I have to say though, its funny when I see comments from the new army wives that think that life is like this show when in reality its a yes and no. Roxy reminds me of the "typical" new army wife and she was freaking out on the new episode because her husband promised to call her when he got to Iraq. Now any military wife who has had a husband deployed knows that he should not have promised her a big deal like that especially one that knows squat about the army. Her character is smart but a little naive, I think she needs to get some lessons from her friends maybe she'll listen more.

I love the drama of this show and even my husband will watch it so ladies, take it from me, just don't let the hubbies know that its on Lifetime and they'll watch..maybe!


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