Monday, June 2, 2008

New Pringles flavor! YES!

So what can my 100th post be about? I was thinking about it for a few days then I came across this interesting news article and had to share it with my readers:

This is the "Hey ma, what flavor are these Pringles you bought me?" edition

The guy that designed the Pringles can died May 4th in Cincinnati at the ripe age of 80. His wish was to be cremated and placed in a Pringles can. Now that is another way of being "buried in your work"!

I had the article copied on here but I forgot to put the link back on there so I just wrote how I read a part of it.


Grandy said...

When I go, I would rather not be sandwhiched in between my case files. Think my family can cover that request?

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