Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Foot in mouth disease

I am sure we all suffer from it.

Me? Well, I could probably be a poster child for it. I am too blunt for my own good. I don't know how I have survived being an army wife for 7 years now without having almost the entire military spouse population thinking I'm a raging overopinionated bitch. Sure, I have my days, we all do. As I was waiting for my computer to load up Entrecard members pages to drop on I was thinking about everything I was going to say and I got frustrated because I wanted to write another post so I'm using hubby's computer til mine decides to load. I'm irritated and I really shouldn't be but since I really love(d) a certain person's blog I can't fathom to go back to it again since I felt very disappointed in them. I want to tell them how I feel but since a) we aren't friends and b) I really don't feel like creating an unnecessary war about something so horrendously stupid, I will just post a blog to help me deal with my feelings. I'm not going on about them or what they said to make me upset but I will say this, I am a pisces so things get to me even if they aren't really worth getting upset about, this has gone on since I was little. I try very hard to not let things get to me but they do and when they do I get the infamous "foot and mouth disease" and tell them exactly what I think. This time I'm just going to let them act like a fool and maybe someone will step up and say "Hey, that was a little harsh don't ya think?" I know I would have said it but I'm not. I think I'm just going to start lurking in forums and not really posting a whole lot.

But yeah, I just let things get to me too much and I really need to stop doing that.


Christine Jade said...

yes of course we do suffer from this once in awhile :D It's human nature I guess....

Afte saying really somthingharsh or stupid...I would always feel guilty but what can we do we are only humans eh? ;D

Enjoyed our chat as well, Crista.
ttyl ( I didn't even knew this till you used it on our chat. leanrned something new!)

Christine Jade said...

Hi girl, do you wanna here something funny? Check my latest it too if you feel like it.

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