Thursday, June 26, 2008

Are you really qualified enough to say hooah?


I hate the word. I grew up with it since my dad joined the army when I was 8. Its even worse when the wives, especially the NEW wives use it. They torment me and yell it like they are allowed to.

Wives on myspace drive me nuts with this crap:

Excuse me, your soldier does what? Do any of these wives understand the meaning of this word?

It means "I understand" or "yes". Seriously, can't we just be old fashioned and just scream and moan as we are climaxing or do we need to scream hooah because our husband is in the military? Sorry, but I'm a screamer and I think that if I honestly screamed hooah I think the sex session would be over. For a long time.

I can go on and on how I hate this word and I think I just started hating it a couple years ago when the new wives thought it was "cute". Yeah, cute. Almost as cute as this:
*disclaimer*I do like these tag makers just some of their tags are just cutesy and make me wanna puke.

Ok, off the subject since I saw this one earlier:

I am sorry but if you miss your husband for one night there is something seriously wrong with you and you don't need to be married to a soldier. You need to suck it up and get a hobby. Don't get me wrong I love these tag makers but whoever wanted them to make this seriously has seperation issues. What would happen if this person's husband left for Iraq for 12 months?

So there is my rant for the week.

Questions? Comments? Rants?

Bring it on babes!


Original GRITS said...

My Dad was in the Air Force for 25 years and I am as proud and patriotic as you can be...but dayum, I so agree with you. If my Mom couldn't have handled basically running a household AND raising 8 kids on her own, we'd have sure been in trouble...much less just freaking out for an overnight. How about 22 1/2 months of your husband being MIA??? Now that's something to be freaked out over. *sigh*

Sorry, I seemed to have climbed up on your soapbox with you. lol


Bob O said...

That's some pretty funny stuff. My step-son is in the Army and the first time I heard them do that during formation (we went to his graduation from basic at Ft. Jackson) I thought it was odd. Growing up as an Army Brat - my dad was a 1st Sgt at Ft. Dix. Back then, it was OOHRAH.

Also - if you don't mind - I see that my badge code is FUBAR over there...I have updated and corrected the code on my site. I would greatly appreciate it if you could find it in yourself to grab the code from my site and update it over here!

Thanks much!

Amanda said...

I just found your blog, and I loved this entry. I cringe every time I hear my husband say "Hooah." Yeah, it was cute when I was 19. It's not so cute 10 years later. And no, I didn't say it too. We do have other Army sayings in our house, but they're usually confined to home. Like when we PMCS our eyelids while watching TV sometimes.

Shirley said...

LOL! You're so right! Even hearing the guys say it makes me giggle a little. And if I were to say it while we were 'doin it' I think my husband my die of a heart attack. Seriously, he'd fall down laughing or something. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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