Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday's Hero

Wednesday's hero was sent to me by my good friend Sarah. Thanks sweetie, I'm happy to use your stepdad as Wednesday's hero.
Col. Gregory Cain stationed in Yigo Guam

This is why Sarah chose her stepdad as her hero:
This is my stepdad. I met him when I was around 14 and he has been the greatest dad I have ever known. Unlike most of my mothers boyfriends he has always made me feel special part of the family. I didn't live with my mother so my visits were always awkward when she had a new BF but not with him. He use to take me fishing and play nintendo for hours and it was great. He never tried to replace my dad, He was just there for me when I had problems. I was a difficult teenager when I was younger and my mother and I ALWAY clashed so he was the man of reason and calm in our family which with 2 bull headed women this was really hard. Also him and my mother have a son that is now 10 imagine my surprise at 18 hearing guess what you are going to have a brother. lol Well even when he came along my stepfather never treated me any different then his own kids which was a relief for me. My stepfather and I have a wonderful bond and he even danced with me at my father/daughter dance in my wedding. He is the greatest smartest man I know. He is now a cornel (sorry for the spelling) in the Air force and a vice wing comander in Guam. He is also a B-1 bomber pilot. Yet with all this responsiblity when I show up and when I leave from my visits he still seems to come home in time to greet me and give me a hug and kiss before I leave. There are always lots of tears but I wouldn't trade it for anything. It takes a special man to come in to a new relationship and deal with an out of control teenager and not feel the need to run and hide but actually help to mold her in to a well rounded adult. He is a wonderful caring man and I am proud to call him daddy.

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