Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Feeling alone in the world

Lately I have been feeling lonely. I long for a great friend whom I can talk to on a daily basis. I do have friends but not one that I can really relate to and talk to each day. I just am wanting someone to come over and bug me and just be there on a day to day basis.

Trust has been a huge issue since I left Ft. Campbell and nothing has been right ever since. People aren't how they seem and you don't know if you can open yourself fully to someone. I used to have that problem of being too trusting which bit me in the ass. I am a pretty open and honest person and I don't lie. I have been out of high school now for 10 years so the petty childish crap has been done and gone for a long time. I used to be fake just so people would like me and since I've grown up I have been myself and said to hell with anyone who doesn't like me for me.

Relationships, even with my own husband, have diminished and it seems like there is noone to turn to and it sucks. This is why I am always turning to my blog. Its my serene place where I can let it all out and uncaring about what anyone else thinks.

Well, I am done for now, my daughter is being really fussy I think she is teething.

Til later


Jane said...

Thank goodness for the internet! As long as you have your blog, you're not alone.

fragileheart said...

It's not much but the only thing I have to offer is that I know exactly how you feel. I recently wrote a post about not having that 'bestfriend', that one person that you can say the stupidest things to and they won't judge you. The one person you can be clingy with and they won't see it as being clingy. It's quite a rare thing really... at least for us bloggers it seems.

Make a pound said...

Hey i know how you feel we all get lonely at times. You could be around lots of people and still be lonely it just how things are at times. Its nice to see some one being honest because i dont think anyone likes bull-sh!t.

nice post keep up the good work.

Grandy said...

I'm glad you have your blog, because the blogging community can be AWESOME in their support when having a difficult time.

Hang in there!! I'll come stalk you (ahem) follow you more if you like. :)

Christine Jade said...

girl, I know how you feel.I don't have a real good friend too aside from my husband.

but through blogging,I am also able to let go of my frustrations and share some happy moments as well.

buzz me whenever you feel like talking.


hiiii .... m mudit.. i too m feeling really lonely...can v be very good e-frnds???? i hope making likke this a frnd can sort all our problems out..

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