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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

So yeah...

For a long time I have wondered about the female orgasm. I was about 24 when I had my first...yeah I know what you are saying.."wow, you were that old?" Yeah and it was a vibrator that did it. I had no idea what the wave was that came over me and it was like "Oh. My. God." I couldn't describe the feeling. I was doing some research about it because I was so frustrated because it was taking me so long to "get there" and why it doesn't take some guys very long at all.

I was going back and forth about posting a blog like this and thought "well, hey, its my blog and what I'm feeling so what the hey"...but I'm not making you read this either. You may be a fellow entrecard member who is dropping a card or a random blogger who is checking out my blog, whatever.

This is the description of the female orgasm:
Sometimes I think that "getting there" just takes too much damn time and with 2 kids and school and life I just don't have that kind of time. I don't fake it though, that is lame and if my husband has already gotten there and I don't feel like taking the extra time I can get sleeping its done and he's pretty much passed out anyway.

I do love the sensation that an orgasm gives, its a sugar high that can be addicting. Sometimes I wish it would take 3 minutes to actually achieve one for females but as we all know, us women have to do it right or it doesn't get done at all. I think one of my problems is is that I need full concentration to be able to achieve that arousal point. If I get distracted by whatever I can't get there at all.

I'm still learning and reading up on tips and tricks and of course *ahem* porn...ok, this girl likes porn so deal!


Margaret said...

It gets easier to achieve the pinnacle the more often you "do" it, but for some women it's never easy. Their partner needs to be committed to creating the right atmosphere for pleasure and it sounds a little like yours may need some encouragement in that direction. And then we get into the fragile male ego thing.

Good luck with your quest!


Emily Veinglory: said...

"Resolution" LOL. I think a little more no nonsense discussion on this topic is a good thing.

Grandy said...

My kinda woman. Nice chart. Now I have to find a way to enlarge it and give the hubby an instructional lesson on how I work.

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