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Sunday, May 18, 2008

My top Entrecard droppers

Thank you so much for making me a bit more popular! I love advertising on some of my regulars because they are pretty popular within the blogging community. Here are the top 12.

Dropper # of drops
Something From Some Unfamous Body 23
Life In the Internet 19
Lee Doyle - Contains Nuts 18
sourkandy 17
Article Specialist 16
So Now What? 15
Dubai City 15
The Ups,Downs and Sometimes Insane World of Freelance Writing 14
Dot Com Mogul 13
joanjoyce 12


RebeccaLynn said...

Wow, you've gotten quite a few. How long have you been using Entrecard? I've only been since Friday :)

Grandy said...

Darn...I'm going to make your next list... I promise. :)

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