Thursday, July 23, 2009

Amazing, just amazing!

So I have been non-stop on Wii Active. It says that I should rest after 2 days of working out but I'm so addicted I can't stop! My addiction to it has paid off since losing 13 lbs! I gained some when I skipped days so I stopped listening to it giving me crap about taking a rest day. I am feeling great and I can fit into a couple of my old jeans! If you need a great workout try this game, it really does pay off!

My cravings are coming back!

So after I posted this while drooling I stopped over at Mama Kat's to see what her workshop was and YEAY, one of them is about "what are you giddy about" Well, already got the post thankyoumuch!

No, not for food(since losing weight from Wii Active)


British men!!!!

I had a post on here awhile back about it and my favorite blogger who doesn't blog anymore posted a comment about it...well, mainly because he's British and doesn't understand my infatuation love for them. I also have a post about my favorite British comedies!

As I was doing my googling I came across this story about British men being "among least romantic"...I could care less, they could recite the alphabet and I'd still be in love.

Who are my faves you wanna know? (My first love is in the first link above)

Colin Firth

Now if you don't know who this piece of sexiness is you have been living under a rock the past 3 years:

Daniel Craig:

Daniel Radcliffe:
Shall I go on or are you done drooling? hehe

Friday, July 17, 2009

Where have you been all my life?

Special K Chocolatey Delight! This stuff is so good and good to your waistline! I love eating it dry and picking out the little chocolate pieces...delish! I eat it after the kids go to bed because this is one treat that momma refuses to share! If you like chocolate and are on a diet, go pick yourself up a box, totally worth it!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I am a proud Faghag

My BFF Luke even gave me a certificate...but of course I have no clue where I put it or I would post it on here.

I love gay men and you wanna know why?

Convo between Luke and I:

Luke: Honey, you are not going out like that!
Me: Why not?
Luke: Those pants do NOT go with that top thats why
Me: Fine, pick me something out that I will look hot in
Luke: Girlfriend, you need Jesus.

This man is my world. He flew miles and miles to Alaska to come see me for a week and I cherished every minute of it. What was so funny is that we went to the gay bar called Mad Myrna's and a couple of guys asked us if we were married...I said "Um no, I don't have the right equipment". They didn't believe he was gay!

Yes, we were so trashed from the gay bar it wasn't even funny:

Birthday cakes to soldiers overseas

So Bake Me A Wish is donating 5% to their "Bake Me A Wish!'s Operation: Birthday Cake each time you order from them. If your soldier is overseas and his/her birthday is approaching and you want to order one for them, they will automatically send one to another soldier also! How great is this program!?!

This is their cake of the month:

Wouldn't your loved ones love this!

I admit I am a dork

And I adore him:

Woo-ing Wednesday

I know most of us SHOULD post our husband's picture for "who woos you" but hey, this is fantasy right? I have a few guys who woo me on my TV on a daily basis.

My show that I watch every day is The Young and the Restless. How I love the drama and the backstabbing! I really love watching him:

and oh yeah him:

There are a few more but these guys are my faves.

Who Woos you?

I prayed today

My friend Janel lost her unborn baby boy today. She was 20 weeks pregnant. If you are a believer please pray for her, she really needs it!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Cats: They will rule the world

So the hot story on yahoo right now is about cats. Now, I'm a cat person, I think they are the most amazing creatures on the planet. My cat thinks she is a human and she knows what she wants and how to get it...much like women!

The story goes on to say that cats do control humans which I find ridiculously true. Dogs don't have the power that cats do because cats are pretty independent and rely on you only if they are not fed, watered, or have a clean litter box...other than that you are worthless to them. They don't want your attention 24/7 but when they do you better give it to them!

Gracie owns me and I'm happy to be hers!

How in the world could you mess up THAT?!?

So the other day I was finding the recipe that Ashley posted awhile back of cookies made from boxed cake mix. Having chocolate on the brain (and the Aunt visiting) I was like "mmm that sounds good" so off to the commissary I go. I don't even look at the cake mix...*see chocolate mode* but go straight to the fudge brownies. I do the recipe like it says nix cake mix and it doesn't look like cookie batter but brownie batter...what the hell...I'll just have brownies with a strange texture in the end.

I'm seriously having issues these days.

My little ladybug

So I'm a little late blogging about ladybug's birthday but I've been obsessed with Farkle on Facebook busy. I can't believe she is already 2..time has certainly gone by fast!

Here is my baby girlEven a moose came to the party:

From cold to extreme hotness

So the stay in Alaska was eh, okay, but I'm so glad the tour is almost over! I have dreamed of this time before we even got here! I made friends, lost some, and had a grand 'ol time but now its time to move on...

Next stop....

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