Saturday, February 14, 2009

Since it is Valentines Day

I have to share with you my ultimate sappy V-Day movie

I cry each time I watch this movie. It is the perfect sappy love story movie EVER! What is your favorite sappy movie?


Ashley said...

I adore You Got Mail. Probably one of the best ever movies :) But its not so sappy!

Coach Laura said...

I love This Movie & You Got Mail. Check out "Nights at Rodanthe", another Nicholas Sparks movie. I cried the entire last half hour!!

Sabrae Carter said...

Oh I just LOVE that movie!! But I also love Forrest Gump (yes it is a sappy kinda movie) and Serendipity!!!

msmoneymaker said...

I love this movie !! my all time favorite movie!! AAHHh

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