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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Damn you netflix!

I really do love you but I HATE your 500 limit queue. (Thanks NGIP for reminding me of that!) I did, however, go through it...for the 10th time...deleting my drunk picking greatest hits! (So what, I had to have the B Rated gore films where the half naked girl gets chopped up by a sexless psycho murder, whats so wrong with that?)

Friends tell me that only I could know that there is an actual limit of movies you can put on your queue.

I tell them "Screw you too! Thats why I kick your ass at Scene it!"

Now that you had the pleasure of reading my latest vent, go comment on my giveaway...maybe one day I will give away a free month of Netflix and see if you can get up to my 500 limit queue!


Lesley said...

that is way too funny.....I wonder how many others get into your prediciment....and showing your google ads some clicky love....

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

OK, so this one time? I wanted to exceed the 500 limit and my friend told me about this feature known as "multiple queues". So you become schizophrenic, donning a different personality for each queue. So you can have your drunken-what-was-i-thinking queue, and your blood-and-gore queue, and your...etc.

Thanks for the linky love!


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