Friday, February 13, 2009

I recieved a new award!(again!)

I love getting awards, it means I am doing well as a blogger. This one was bestowed upon me by my friend Ashley. I love this woman. Her and I have had our ups and downs and we still continue to be friends. Here is the people I am bestowing upon this award to:

Jade at Mommawannabe
Stepfanie at Stepfanie's Time Out
Sabrae Carter
Jami at Confessions of a Stay at Home mom

So now I'm supposed to list 10 honest things about myself.


1) I am honest. I have now learned to vent to people that I can trust because of my honesty. I have gotten people pissed off at me because of this. If I said something about you and you ask me if I did I will tell you.

2) I hate when people don't wash their hands after using the bathroom. I especially hate when they don't teach their children either.

3) I can be your best friend or your enemy. You love me or hate me there is no in-between, its just the way I am.

4) Although I hate confrontation if you don't like me, tell me. I don't have time nor energy to play high school games. Don't act nice to my face and talk shit about me behind my back.

5) When I make friends with people I am friends for life unless you really screw me over. I don't hold grudges, life is too short for that. If I am wrong I apologize, I hope as my friend you do the same.

6) I love talking on the phone, I can talk on the phone for hours about nothing. If its not important I'm a texter.

7) I am a social bug and I get emotionally depressed when I don't have friends around me. I think that comes with me being single til I was 18. In high school I would rather party with my friends and not worry about having a boyfriend (although I did have my crushes!)

8) I am fat so quit reminding me that. I don't need immature idiots telling me this. I am currently working on my fat butt and when I do get to where I need to be you will be seeing my sexy butt on this blog...literally.

9) I LOVE being an army wife. I love the fact that by the time hubby really gets on my nerves he goes to the field for about a week or two. I love that separation, it really helps I get the whole bed to myself and no ESPN...ahhhh!

10) I can be flaky. If I don't write down appointments, engagements, ect I will forget. My calendar is my lifeline, lists are my priority, organization is my best friend. My life is chaotic enough to not write things down. Even before I had kids my friends would make fun of me because of my lists. I can't help it.


Sabrae Carter said...

Thanks for the award!! I will get around to posting it sometime this weekend! :)

Stepfanie said...

yay! I'm super excited! And im the same way, when people leave the bathroom and don't wash their hands or they just walk by the sink with their kid really fast without having them wash their hands...GROSS!

Thank you Again! :-)

Lesley said...

congrats on the award...I love your 10 facts....and I totally feel ya on #9

Jami said...

Thanks for the award! You can read my post, here---

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