Thursday, March 20, 2008

I've been slacking

Other than my addiction to Joe Tech blog and winning some entrecard points and winning text ads I had been slacking on my own blogging! Well, I have a good excuse, my parents are here for a few days which have been nice especially since the kids have other people to bug than me!haha But I'm still here and keeping busy. The hubby and I have date night tomorrow night for once! I am excited about that, we don't spend time together just us so we really deserve it! I have been trying to get us to get orders closer to the parents so we'll have more date nights but we'll see about that. Well, my cat decided to lay her butt in front of my monitor so I guess that means I need to log off for the night!


lottobymath said...

Kittyies always think they know best. I think date nights are important to a marriage if you can make them happen now and then. My wife and I are planning a movie day for Easter, where we'll just sit on the couch, watching movies all day.

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