Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Breaking away

After about a year of the myspace blog drama I have been posting on here. I had me a lovely stalker for awhile which was nice..../end sarcasm. I just love being on someone's mind all the time enough for her to check out my profile and blogs. Talk about no life (and not me for once!)

But I love blogging on here because not too many people I know know about this blog and if my stalker finds it then I guess I'm still on her mind!

So anyway, I hope you still continue to check out my blog because I continue to post more in the future about my likes (and dislikes).

I plan on posting my ode to Rachael Ray soon too! Yeay!


Sonya said...

It's so nice to be loved, lol. (or hated or whatever a stalker feels about the people they are bugging). I swear, some people are just freaks.

TroubleX2 said...

Nothing like the entertainment of a MySpace stalker! Ah ha ha! Well...I hope you lost 'em. Psychos!

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