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Monday, March 3, 2008

Avon Detox Patches

So since I am an Avon rep I decided to be a lab mouse and try out some products. Avon started selling the detox patches you put on the soles of your feet before bed for 3 nights. I saw commercials of a similar product so I decided to try them out. The morning of the first night the patches were black! It looked like my body was full of tar! These patches suck all the bad stuff out of your body and I started feeling so much better! By the third morning the patches were just green (the reason behind that is because there is green tea in them) and no black or anything! I haven't had really bad anxiety after using them so I think I'm going to keep buying them and see how much they improve my health and wellbeing. I truly recommend this product if not through Avon, try the ones they have advertised on TV you'll be amazed at how truly well they work and trust me I was as skeptical as you might be right now too!


~Billie~ said...

Hmm... It seems like a lot of people are blogging about detox patches lately. I'm going to have to look into it more. Good to hear that Avon is up with the trend. =)

Tam said...

Defiantely sounds intriguing.

Although ever since some nicotene patches gave me some horrible dreams, I've never been a big fan.

Terri said...

I tried the patches, too. I bought them off of eBay. I swear they were helping me, too. I only used them for 5 nights. I am going to buy more, though.

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