Thursday, January 29, 2009

My new addiction

Wasabi Peas!!!

I never had them before but I went to the PX mall area to get little man's hair cut. There are many Asian women who are married to military guys and there happened to be one who worked at the barber shop. She was snacking on these little pieces of hot goodness and I told her that I never had tried those before but hinted that I wanted to. She let me have a few and although they burnt the hell out of my mouth they were so good! We talked about sushi and how I soo love it. She added that she never really met many Americans that liked sushi. I told her that I looove it (even the eel yum!)

I am a foodie and going to be going to culinary school so I love trying anything!

So if you love spiciness and also want to watch your weight, these are perfect! I think I would eat these over chips any day!

To Noah's mommy, you can get them at the grocery store, they are in the Oriental section! :)

Nutrition facts for 1 serving (1 oz, 54 peas)
Calories: 130
Fat: 4 grams (beat that greasy chips!)
Carbs: 18
Protein: 4 (yeay!)

So these are officially my new "junk food" snack for nighttime TV watching. Now I need to wait for Soap Network to play Y&R because my dumb butt accidentally deleted it from this morning!


Lesley said...

I've never had them...but hear they are pretty darn good....can you get it at the grocery store?

Nicole Orriƫns said...

They look like frozen peas!

But I do love spicy food that's friendly to the weight!

Sabrae Carter said...

I've never heard of them! I'm a sweet pea kinda person myself! lol

Goddess said...

I'm an American and a sushi fanatic! I haven't tried the wasabi peas, mainly because I've been told that they are completely addictive, and I'd have a terribly hard time finding them around here once I got hooked! (It seems my local store keeps a list of the things I like and specifically stops selling them.......)

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